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The last trading group you will ever join.

If you are serious about trading, and serious about taking it to the next level... This is where you want to be. Not only will you get the best trade alerts in the business, but you will learn how to find these trades yourself. We have a team of talented techinal analysts that are in the chat rooms every single day from market open to close. You can shadow them and ask questions and everyone is happy to help. Leave your old habits at the door and learn how to manage risk properly while taking control of your future.

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Real-Time Trading Alerts
Access to live buy and sell signals from our talented group of analysts. /Daytrades/Swings/Spreads/Scalps
Weekly Watchlist
Detailed watchlist updated weekly to keep you prepared for everything the week ahead will bring!
Technical Analysis
The very best technical analysis around from our analysts and group members.
24/7 Free chat rooms
Community chat where we share ideas and stay on top of every market move.
Trade Dashboard
Custom trade dashboard that shows all open and closed trades from our analysts and members.
Education section to learn everything you need to know about trading!
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4.97 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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3 months ago
Consistent win rate of 70-80% every week, profit takes at 10-20% daily, almost always a 50-100% runner or two every week. Seen multiple plays go 1000%. The TA and charting is the cleanest I have seen in my career, which spans 10+ years in markets / investing. You will not only be profitable, but moreover you will learn a lot of insights into markets, price action, stock analysis, and different types of investing. General chat is free, and I believe a 7-day VIP trial is available. Go and see for yourself. You'll be thankful you did.
Purchased TradingTheTrend Product - 2 5 months ago
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4 months ago
Great trading group, that offers a diverse option of trades on a daily basis!
Purchased VIP discord access 4 months ago
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4 months ago
I've been a member of the TTT discord since the summer of '22. At that time, the market was coming off a recent low and had been getting decimated for most of the first part of the year. This group kept me from blowing up my account from shorting the huge runup that would ensue. No one in my other trading discords was doing anything other than shorting or sitting on the sidelines, while I watched this group bank on calls the entire summer. Shortly after that I became a paid member, and have been ever since. The knowledge I've gained over the past year plus has changed how I trade, and how I view the market, both for the better. If you're serious about taking your trading to another level, there is no better value than Trading The Trend.
Purchased TradingTheTrend Product - 2 8 months ago
Do you swing trade or daytrade?
You name it we so it. Scalps, daytrades, swingtrades, leaps, spreads, shares.
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Trading β€’ Technical Analysis

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We believe that anyone can grow to become a successful trader. Our goal is help new traders reach that mountaintop, and to help experienced traders take it to the next level. Come learn to be a step ahead of everyone else, and to beat the MM's at their own game.

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