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Forex Trading Mentorship

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Join our mentorship program with Yuuya Kato for expert guidance in trading. Gain the tools for success, regardless of your current level.

Our experienced instructors will guide you to success and provide you with the tools you need to succeed as a trader. Regardless of your level of expertise, you will gain access to our live trading calls with Yuuya and Dylan, along with full Discord access to our academy.

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Online course

Yuuya's Trading Secrets

Private Discord Access
Engage with a professional trading community.
Advanced Course Strategies
Leverage 7+ hours of updated strategic content.
​​Interactive Live Sessions
Learn from expert-led live sessions with Yuuya.
Masterclass Seminar
Boost your skills with our 4-hour exclusive masterclass.
Daily Direction
Daily Direction by Yuuya" is an insightful guide that provides daily trade recommendations and in-depth analysis
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4.97 out of 5
(4 reviews)
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3d ago
Yuuya Kato and this Mentorship program delivers way beyond anything I have seen out there. Through his own real life and trading, Yuuya teaches us strategies and keys to unlock our own trading success. Through learning from the well written course to being able to see Yuuya and other mentors trade live, this has to be the best ever community to be a part of and I will be forever grateful I am part of it!!
Purchased TruePivot Mentorship 3d ago
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13d ago
Highly recommend. You can learn how experienced traders think, how to deal with the market, and technical trading. What's more, their live calls are available every weekday, so you can improve your skills and knowledge as a trader every day. 経験豊富なトレーダーの方々から知識、テクニカル、考え方など一人前のトレーダーになるために必要な多くのことが学べます!平日のライブコールではその時の相場に合わせた考察等の共有があるので実践しながら学ぶことができる多くの機会があります!
Purchased TruePivot Mentorship 3 months ago
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16d ago
I learn many important things from this mentorship, not only strategy but also how to approach the market. Trading with Yuya every day helps me grow as a trader. If you are struggling with trading, this mentorship will be very helpful at any stage of your journey.
Purchased TruePivot Mentorship 3 months ago
What result can I expect after course completion?
In our mentorship program, we offer a "Funded Guarantee", which means if you have not been funded within 1 year of starting the program, we will personally give you a FREE funded account. This guarantee is to show how much we believe in our ability to make you a profitable trader.
About the seller
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Trading • Technical Analysis

4 reviews

Under the expert leadership of Yuuya Kato, a 10x funded trader managing a 7-figure account, TruePivot Investments stands as a premier online trading mentorship platform. Our unique program features live sessions with seasoned Forex traders, empowering members with proven trading strategies and cultivating a resilient trading mindset. TruePivot differentiates itself through daily live trading sessions that provide real-time insights, transforming solitary learning into a shared journey. We focus on solving trading challenges faced by beginners and veterans alike, condensing 7 years of trading experience into less than a year, and offering personalized support to those struggling to maintain profitability. Our core values include a strong support network, fostering trust and credibility, and advocating for disciplined trading. Additionally, we emphasize making the trading journey enjoyable, fostering a friendly and welcoming community that celebrates shared successes. TruePivot Investments isn't just a trading platform; it's a community of traders united in the quest for financial freedom. Join us today and embark on this exciting journey.

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