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Twitter bookmarks in control

Ultimate all-in-one tool for Twitter bookmarks

Tweetsmash provides a comprehensive set of features including organizing, categorizing, reading, and syncing to apps like Notion & Zotero, streamlines your bookmark management, and seamlessly integrates with your daily workflow.


Trusted by 100+ content creators, startup founders & professionals



  • Export your old bookmarks instantly
  • Bookmark manager - Organize, archive & delete your bookmarks
  • Powerful search tool to find your bookmarks faster
  • Email digests for revisiting bookmarked tweets
  • Customize your reading preferences with Unlimited digest 
  • Export your bookmarks & auto-sync to Notion
  • Supports multiple notion databases to organize efficiently
  • Export research papers to Zotero
  • Powerful discovery tools for Twitter list digests
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Will my bookmarks gets deleted, if Twitter goes down?
No, not at all. Once you signup all your bookmarks are exported to Tweetsmash. If you prefer to have more control our your data, you can export to Notion. ( Notion provides export to CSV/PDF )
What about my bookmarked threads?
Entire tweets for the thread are exported to Tweetsmash & also Notion. So you don't have to worry about your threads
How do I reach out to you if I have more questions?
You can mail us at support@tweetsmash.com
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At Tweetsmash, our goal is to empower users to unlock the full potential of Twitter as a source of knowledge and information. We understand the struggles of managing and utilizing Twitter bookmarks, and that's why we set out to create a tool that not only helps you organize your bookmarks but also makes them easy to consume and put to use. We are building the ultimate curation tool for Twitter, designed to help you discover high-signal information and streamline the curation process. We make it easy for you to extract value from the vast amount of information available on Twitter.

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