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Change your life and WIN with me, one of the world's most profitable sports bettors.

96% of sports bettors are down $ [think about that]. Sign-up and start winning money consistently. Change your sports betting experience today.

  • Get access to my high-performing picks for NFL, NBA, MLB [and other sports]
  • Straight bets
  • Big payout parlays!
  • First Basket bets
  • Anytime Touchdown bets and parlays!
  • Player Props
  • Free entry to raffles [cash, gifts, premium sports tickets]
  • Exclusive Discord research and insight
  • Interact and network with other community members
  • DraftKings is a sponsor of my Discord. No other Discord can say that. Being a Discord member, you'll have access to free DK contests and free bets!

I'm here to help. Feel free to talk to me and let me get you back on track. I've used sports betting to change my life and the life of others around me. Win money - buy nice things - live stress free. My Discord is user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience. Join today and let's win, together!

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Value-based Picks
Gain access to research & value-based picks for all things MLB, NFL, and NBA.
Analytical Data Driven Bets
Cutting-edge plays to maximize your success. With our insights & knowledge, we stay one step ahead of everyone.
Daily Picks
Access the best picks from our team and other professional cappers.
Community of Bettors
Betting is no fun alone. Joining us, means joining a community of like-minded sports bettors.
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4.83 out of 5
(23 reviews)
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a month ago
Join the best Discord around! A bunch of great guys who know and want to win. Weis is active and is legit! Sign up and start making those bags!
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a month ago
Been riding with Weiss for about a year from NFL to NBA to MLB. There levels to this sports betting and a Weiss pick can change your life. Weiss is a great better all around he don’t give you 5-6 picks a day having you guessing which is going to hit. He gives straight heaters and you win simple. If you want to win join WinwithWeiss best 150$ you can spend all them other cappers are junk. Don’t waste your time with anyone else Weiss is the best
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2 months ago
Best discord ever the community is great most members are really knowledgeably can really teach you something and winwithweiss won my money back first day and others in the community
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23 reviews

Join and WIN with one of the world's most profitable sports bettors!

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