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Wolf Suite Trading Indicators

(16 reviews)

Real Data for Real Trading!

  • Real-time,live alerts without repaints.
  • Options, Scalping Forex, Indices, Stocks, or Futures
  • No more guesswork, only data-driven decisions.
  • Mechanical rules that leave zero room for error
  • Tutorial Videos on all strategies
  • Customize your data for any asset
  • Built-In risk management
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LOWE Entry Aid, Wolf Suite - Range Break / Exploit

Real Time Alerts
You can use both indicators to get REAL time live alerts with 0 re-painting
Purely Mechanical Trading
You can add these indicators to your trading plan to ensure you have mechanical rules with 0 room for error
Competely Personalized
These ARE NOT buy/sell alerts but tools you can use to customize to YOUR trading plan with real data-driven tools
Used for ANY Type of Trading
You can use Entry Aid OR Range Break for any type of trading like Options, Scalping Forex / Indices / Stocks / Futures
Customer question & answers
I am interested in using your algos, but I don't know how to set everything up so it will trade automatically. Can you provide a tutorial?
Yes! Once you purchase them you will have access to the tutorial channel within the discord along with myself and others if you have any questions at all :)
Answered 1 month ago
Your information states "...to trade with passively!" Does this mean I can set it up and the trading will be done for me automatically?
Great question! The indicator / indicator bundle prints on your chart and you get alerts from the setups The Algo bundle gives you the hookups to passively have the alerts sent to your MT5 :) So if you are looking for the passive approach the Algo bundle is the one you are looking for
Answered 2 months ago
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(16 reviews)
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17d ago
The Wolf Suite Trading Indicators have been an absolute game-changer for me and my trading journey! Couple these with the Wolf Pack Discord group and it is a recipe for success! The consistent work that Austin and his Dev put into these trading tools is why the Wolf Suite will be forever in my Trading Arsenal!!
Purchased Trading Bot Bundle 1 month ago
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1 month ago
Wow, I am so glad I ran into this product! I started trading 6 months ago and have blown multiple accounts. I needed something to help me stick to consistent risk. Programming the indicators to trade the way I want to trade takes the emotions out and maintains the same risk each trade. Now trading alongside the indicators as well as letting the indicators trade on their own makes life some much easier. Looking forward to the consistency and progress I will make over the next 6 month!
Purchased Indicator Bundle (Save 22%) 1 month ago
User avatar
1 month ago
The Wolf Suite Indicators are amazing. Whether you are new to trading or a seasoned professional, these indicators will give you the trading edge you need. The versatility of the indicators is incredible. They are highly customizable, giving you the ability to trade multiple ways using the same indicator. I love how the long/short tool prints on the chart when a trade presents itself. It makes risk management so simple. I'm new to trading with algos, but they are easy to work with and will take your trading to the next level. They give you the ability to backtest different settings in a matter of seconds, so you can quickly find the best possible settings for your algo. The ability to use the algos to trade passively has been a game changer. These indicators and algos have elevated my trading to the next level. The Wolf Suite Trading Indicators are setting a new standard.
Purchased Indicator Bundle (Save 22%) 1 month ago
Are these buy / Sell Alerts?
No. Rather than giving you fish, these are tools TO fish. Trading is completely personal and blindly following signals will never result in long-term profitability.
After I buy how do I get access?
Ensure you give whop the correct TradingView Username > Refresh TradingView > boom you should have them!
Is this a specific strategy?
No - Range Break is a pre-programmed trading strategy BUT you can apply it to your specific - trading session - trading assets - best times for you Then it is up to YOU to backtest, ensure your plan is profitable, and executing.
What type of trading are these designed for?
Day Trading: - Options - Forex - Stocks - Futures - Indices - Commodities - Crypto
About the seller
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Wolf Pack Trading
Trading • Trading Indicators

16 reviews

Trading is more than just a simple strategy. If it was that easy everyone would be making millions. Simply put you can have the BEST strategy but still not be profitable. This is where The Pack Trading comes in. This group is designed to welcome any strategy and develop your trading psychology to level up your trading beyond just a strategy. Through 1 on 1 support, Pre-Market analysis every weekday, and live trading sessions you will start to find a better sense of how to become a longterm consistently profitable trader.

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