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Unlock Crypto Wealth: Expert Education, Charts & An Active Community

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Young Money Collector

Active and Non-Toxic Chats
Chats that are active and full of positive/supportive admin and community members.
Exclusive Analysts
Access to professional, best-in-class analysts that you can't find anywhere else.
Gain access to our exclusive recorded live streams with real-time macro/micro analysis along with one on one Q&A
$1k → $10k Challenge
Follow exciting $1k to $10k challenges with our top Crypto experts!
Trading Education
Learn effective risk management techniques and develop profitable trading skill from engaging courses and content
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(3 reviews)
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7 months ago
Absolutely amazing. Not only do I learn something new every single day, the community is so helpful around me. No matter what the question is, the community around me is so supportive and they’ll guide me to my answer. Surprised that it’s even priced this low with how valuable the information is.
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8 months ago
Absolute killers inside the group. I can't even describer the benefits of the group. I improved my knowledge crypto and market cycles+ my networth with 50% in like 2 weeks... WHO DOES THAT?
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8 months ago
It's honestly crazy to me how many people aren't joining this Discord despite the tremendous value it offers. With just $28/week, you could easily make your money back on investment within minutes. It blows my mind.
How reliable are the crypto trading signals provided inside YMT?
Each trades entry and exit is given to the T. We know the crypto space is full of frauds, and you guys are tired of scammers. YMT makes sure our analysts are ACTUALLY taking the trades they are providing signals for. Complete and utter transparency.
What is the success rate of your trading signals in recent months?
Check the charts… however much it goes up is however much we’re juicing. We catch every single macro move on your favorite assets. We position our signals so that even on spot, your trades are brag worthy.
What time of the day do we usually post signals?
Anytime, anywhere, any moment - where there is a safe/rewarding opportunity. We post plays that are early enough for you to juice up even on a late entry.
What is the average holding period for your recommended trades?
As long as it goes in the intended direction, we will notify you when it's about to revert meanly. Sitting on your hands while you bank up is a tradition in YMT.
Are there specific cryptocurrencies or trading pairs that your signals focus on, or do you cover a wide range?
Zero limitations. Stable coins, alt coins, on-chain, forex, stocks, metals etc. WE TRADE THEM ALL.
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3 reviews

While many members initially join for trading and profits, they often remain with us due to the invaluable insights we provide and the close-knit community we've built.

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