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An exclusive community for Sneakerheads and Sneaker Botters.

With this membership, you'll receive the following:

🎓A-Z Video/Written Guides on Botting/Reselling 🤝Community Support 🚀100's of Sneaker + Retail Monitors 🤖 Free ACO 👟 Sneaker Release Info 😎 Lowkey Flips 📈 Stock Options 🎟️ Tickets 🤖 Bot Groupbuys

BONUS: 💰Weekly Voice Sessions 💰Bulk-buyers and Marketplace 💰 Botting Meta Updates 💰Social Media Growth 💰Affiliate Program

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Join our vibrant community, united in the pursuit of success.
Secure coveted drops with exclusive access and techniques.
Lowkey Flips
Discover profitable hidden market treasures.
Ticket Reselling
Maximize Profits within the ticket reselling market with winning strategies.
Steals & Deals
Tap into the lucrative scene of discounted items.
REAL 1-on-1 Support
A mentor who will attentively answer questions, and help you understand difficult concepts.
Customer Q&A
Q: Can you cancel your 40 dollar monthly subscription after 2 or 3 months
A: You can cancel anytime. Trust us you wont need to!
Asked on May 30, 2023
Q: Does this give me access to the necessary software as well or just the technical support side of things?
A: yes, we have partnerships with several bots so you can purchase them for retail. With that comes with full technical support.
Asked on Feb 21, 2024
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(50 reviews)
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4 months ago
A great discord to be in if you want to gain action$$$ in the sneaker buz AND MORE!
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4 months ago
amazing group. hate & gumpo killing it
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7 months ago
everything you need is here 100% recommended
Does Omniscience Teach Sneaker Botting, Reselling, Stock Options, and Sports Betting?
Yes! We provide real 1 on 1 support to beginners looking to learn. It does not matter if this is your 1st day or 1st year, we are here to help.
Why should I choose Omniscience?
Choosing Omniscience is a decision that pivots on four key aspects: Diverse Portfolio of Services: Unlike other groups, Omniscience offers a wide array of services that go beyond sneaker reselling. From lucrative stock options trading and lowkey flips to sports betting and personal development, our aim is to equip our members with an extensive knowledge base across multiple domains. This unique diversity opens up a broad spectrum of income opportunities for our members. In-depth Guidance: We pride ourselves on providing real one-on-one support to our members. Whether you're a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an experienced reseller wanting to level up, our team dedicates countless hours in assisting through voice chat and a personalized ticket system. We not only offer information, but we ensure you understand it. Value-Driven Approach: We don't simply chase the hype. Our strategies are informed by a value-based approach, targeting bets and flips that offer the best risk-to-reward ratio. Our focus on unit calculation in sports betting and uncovering hidden gems in lowkey flips is what sets us apart. Emphasis on Financial Literacy and Personal Development: Omniscience is more than just a reselling group. We are a community that aims to foster financial understanding and personal growth. We believe that the journey to success is more than making money—it's about understanding wealth, changing your mindset, and growing alongside a community of like-minded individuals. Choosing Omniscience means you're not just joining a group—you're investing in a learning experience and a supportive community that wants to see you succeed.
Is the $40 a month worth it?
Absolutely! The $40 monthly fee for Omniscience is an investment that has the potential to pay for itself several times over.
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Reselling • Sneakers

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We Provide a unique experience to those wanting to learn Sneaker Botting/Sneaker Reselling. Established in 2020, we have helped hundreds of individuals achieve top chef status with our insightful 1on1 Support.