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  • Key astrological resistance and support levels for the coming week (each week begins Sunday 00h00 UTC,) for bitcoin, ether.
  • Maya's prediction as to the general trend, up or down, for the coming week.
  • Key resistance and support levels in play for the following day UTC, for bitcoin, ether.
  • Key astrological time frames for for the following day UTC, for bitcoin, ether.
  • Real time signals 30 minutes in advance of each astrological trigger, with Maya's prediction as to the most likely direction of the movement.
  • Ongoing excerpts from BITCOIN BTC 2024 and ETH/BTC 2024 PREDICTIONS FOR THE RATIO books whenever we reach dates mentioned in those books, to be aware of the larger trend.
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vedic astrology
bitcoin btc trading signals
directional trend and price predictions
ether eth trading signals
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Vedic astrology predictions for bitcoin, ether, cryptocurrencies and commodities, by financial astrologer Maya Raghavan. Maya has been predicting these assets for her clients worldwide since 2017. Her clients are high net worth investors and traders, fund managers and industry OGs.