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Stock Hours

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Making money like clockwork since 2017

Exact algorithm Nour uses on ThinkOrSwim, ported to TradingView.com, Unavailable on ThinkOrSwim

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Live Voice Trading
Our team calls exactly when they enter trades so you can enter before the rest.
Morning Pre-Market Reviews
Know exactly what we will trade that day before it even happens with our Pre-Market reviews.
Nightly Lessons
Learn from the best with our nightly lessons where we cover the entire spectrum of trading.
Library Access
Access our full library of tips, books, and videos to help you get started.
Access to our Trading Team
Our trading team is designed to help you start from Day 1 to show you the path to profitability.
Customer question & answers
What really happens here? I really need to make money to payy for my education.
Inside the discord, there are daily callouts (typed and on voice), daily lessons, courses, and a community of avid traders to help you learn along the way!
What do you guys trade? Stocks? Options? Futures?
We mainly trade stocks and options, but sometimes futures too!
Customer reviews
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Eddie Garcia#4549
2 days ago
I love that with stock hours you truly get what you put in. They provide everything from premarket plans to live trade signals and even live student lessons with Q&A all available for anybody in the chat who wants to take trading more seriously.
Purchased 2 days ago
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15 days ago
I recently hopped on board with Stock Hours, and I'm thrilled with the experience so far. Trading options, I've not only covered my membership fee but also gained a treasure trove of knowledge that's been truly enlightening. One of the standout features is the daily learning curve. Every day, there's something new to discover, thanks to engaging lessons from interns who really know their stuff. And the best part? You can ask all the questions you want. It's like having a personal tutor for stock market success! Stock Hours isn't just a platform; it's a community that guides you through the ups and downs of the stock market. You'll grasp how stocks respond in different scenarios and get invaluable feedback on your trading strategies. The collective wisdom here is priceless, and it's a must for anyone diving into stocks. Thinking about joining Stock Hours? Stop thinking and start thriving. It's not just about profits; it's about equipping you with the skills to conquer the stock market. Stock Hours is the ticket to stock market success, and I'm glad I got mine! Join Stock Hours today and fast-track your stock market journey. Your future self will thank you!
Purchased 22 days ago
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15 days ago
He's the best!
Purchased 15 days ago
I want to see what trades Nour takes. Which membership should I get?
The best membership for new traders is our signal chat membership. This allows users to join our live trade audience and see and hear exactly when Nour takes his trades.
Are all plans subscription based?
Yes. Any membership you select will automatically renew monthly until you cancel.
How do I cancel my membership?
Log into Whop with your Discord account. Go to the Whop dashboard and click "Manage Membership". From there you will see the option to cancel. You will have access until your billing cycle is complete.
Can I get a refund?
No, all sales are final.
Do you have a lifetime membership available?
Yes, reach out to support to ask!
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Stock Hours
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Stock Hours is a monthly subscription service that provides access to Nour and his signaled trades and access to our community of like-minded traders. We host nightly lessons, and a once a month "Course Week" where we cover from basic to advanced trading strategies to help you become an independent trader. Ask about lifetime options!