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The Trade Show

Come and be a part of our exclusive Discord community, where we engage in vibrant discussions in English, Hungarian, and French, enriching your trading journey. Get timely alerts for entries, exits, and other valuable insights. Reflect on every trade for personal development, connect with fellow traders globally, and evolve with the support of our nurturing community!

*None of the individuals associated with The Trade Show are financial advisors. Therefore, none of the ideas or strategies shared should be construed as financial advice. All information, alerts, and strategies are meant for entertainment purposes only. Please remember that investing or trading in the stock market carries inherent risks, so it's advisable to seek guidance from a licensed financial advisor beforehand.

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You'll receive instant notifications for all my trade entries, exits, and insights into the rationale behind each trade
Enter a premier trading community: share tips, strategies, and market insights with fellow traders!
Dive into a treasure trove of trading wisdom.Unlock a wealth of content ranging from basics to cutting edge trade ideas
Reflect after every trade: review strategy, outcome, and improvement. Growth follows introspection.
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Do you give alerts?
I share my trade ideas each day, but the ultimate goal of this program is to educate you to actually find and execute on you r own trade ideas.
Do you trade everyday?
I do watch the market every day. I trade when i see a setup that validates my system.
Can I speak to you personally and ask questions on the discord server.
Yes. I will always answer all your questions... why else would you have to pay for a service?
Do you trade a funded account?
No, I risk my own funds. But a funded program is the best thing to use when first starting out. I highly recommend it.
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The Trade Show
Trading β€’ Technical Analysis

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Join my Discord channel for beginner to advanced ES_F day trading lessons within a supportive community. While I share my trades live, my goal is to empower each member to find and execute their own trades independently. Trading can be isolating, so having the support of others is invaluable.