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TikTok Syndicate

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Earn up to $100+ Daily as a Content Creator

We audit multiple accounts, answer questions live and break down the ins and outs of your biggest concerns.
Course Updates DAILY
Yes! You heard that right, we look to improve and shift with the market every day.
Software Tools
Forget paying yourself, the tools you need will be here for you as soon as you sign up.
Daily Alerts
No software does this. No other discord has this. Get organized alerts in proper categories.
Resources to Boost Revenue
Ever wondered how that one store was made? Curious how someone made a specific edit? We have a channel for this.
Want more data?
We post analytics from popular paid sites like exploding topics While giving breakdowns on how to leverage trends.
200+ Opening Hooks
Forget not having ideas.. We have a dumb amount of ready to use viral hooks.
50+ Viral Profile Studies
Want optimized algorithms? Open a new TT account and use our profile's channel to quickly find more accounts to study.
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11d ago
Organized and honest
Purchased Access to TikTok Syndicate 1 month ago
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16d ago
This is the best community I've been in to make money on TikTok. I've tried multiple paid "premium" groups and have gotten 0 help and results. I was skeptical about how it would work, but found out the way from the get go. The Discord is set up so any newbie can find the tools and the info. And the staff are super active and helpful. However the "Gold" is the course. 100% recommend the course. It's helped me make 100USD on my first two days already. Not as good as other members, but I went from knowing nothing to be able to make money! Do give it a try as the membership will pay for itself.
Purchased Access to TikTok Syndicate 17d ago
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1 month ago
Have joined several TT discords and these guys easily have the best info. Cancelled everything else and going all in on syndicate
Purchased Access to TikTok Syndicate 1 month ago
What's TikTok Syndicate?
We teach creators here how to sell with short-form and connect them with brands in order to close bigger deals. What makes us different is that we help top creators become brand owners as well by giving them equity in our own brands.
How fast will I make money when I join?
All members should be able to make over $100 within 30Day's of joining. This includes free members. We process refunds if you fail to achieve this goal. We make it very simple to make back what you spend immediately.
Do I have to pay for additional software to make this work?
No, we provide every single subscription you'll need to get you up and running. No extra cost.
How active is the community inside?
We have multiple people earning thousands of dollars inside Our goal is to set specific times of peak activity in order to keep momentum and create habits.
Will the admins personally help me?
You can create private tickets or directly DM the admins and they'll respond. You can ask us anything in these private tickets including audits. We also include calls constantly where we review pages.
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TikTok Syndicate
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15 reviews

Courses can only get you so far.. You still need personalized help + a collaborative community / effort of shared TikTok resources. The opportunity won't last forever and market angles change weekly. Join one of the best Communities.