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xEP Network

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Player Props Backed by A.I.

Welcome to the xEP Network, the world's best research center, backed by A.I.

This package gives you all NFL & NBA xEP AI Data for both full season + playoffs.

Get access to a Discord that holds features such as:

  • Utilize AI-powered projections that will showcase which players hold the most value based on their prop line.
  • From trends in the last 10 games to identifying the best WR1 defensive matchups, we provide the data you need to stay updated.
  • Utilize our game log analyzer for a swift review of past games and to identify potential trends. This tool allows you to custom-tailor your wants based on the line number.
  • Be it through dashboards, bots, or graphics, we present the information in a user-friendly manner that **saves you time. **
  • Expect the same feature + so much more for the NBA Season!

Experience what it's like to boost your research with A.I. today!

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Welcome! Please read this to begin!

The xEP AI
The AI powers everything we do! From projections to insights, we have it! The best part? It's self-built!
Research Dashboards
Dashboards that contain projections and trends. Thousands of searchable and sortable data pieces at your fingertips.
Gamelog Analyzer
Analyze gamelogs and input a line to get a trend for that specific player. Customize how many games you see too!
Data Insights
From defensive matchups to advanced stats, our AI will show you which numbers matter.
Data-Driven Community
Follow experienced product users and see their picks from the AI or just chat with data-minded members!
DFS & Fantasy
Looking for just DFS or Fantasy data? You found it! Projections and insights for your favorite players!
Customer question & answers
Are there straight plays given out as well as analytics?
Yes. The AI will return all straights with value.
Answered 7 months ago
can i chat with marketing manager ?
Please contact us at contact@xep.ai
Answered 7 months ago
If I buy the remaining mlb season does that give me access to NFL also
It does not. Only MLB + MLB Playoffs
Answered 3 months ago
I can't access the ai insights. What do i do?
Please head to whop.com/hub to claim the needed roles!
Answered 1 month ago
Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(24 reviews)
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10d ago
Great projections.
Purchased xEP Membership 1 month ago
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15d ago
Xep ai Is one of the best investments I’ve ever made made me over 700 dollars already and just all their projections are so easy to go by can’t recommend them enough
Purchased Entire NBA 2023-2024 Season Access 23d ago
User avatar
22d ago
Next level data. Dives deeper then any other provider you will come across. Very good community as well that share WINNING plays DAILY!
Purchased Whole MLB Season Access 5 months ago
What Does the Discord Provide?
Our Discord gets you access to the xEP AI which provides Projections, Trends, and a Discord Bot which allows you to shop for lines and get a custom play sent to you in seconds!
Are There Picks or Just Data?
Although we pride our Discord as being a research center, we have multiple community channels where some "Algo Experts" post their plays for the night! Plus xEP himself highlights important finds from the Projections!
Is it Easy to Use the Tools?
Yes! Everything is not only color coded to showcase importance, but everything is sortable! We also have tons of manuals for newcomers!
Why Should I Choose You Over a Cappers Discord?
You should choose us not only because our A.I. is consistently providing value, but our A.I. allows you to become the capper instead. Leverage our data to make successful choices!
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xEP Network
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Here at the xEP Network, we provide you the ability to research player props using our A.I. which provides projections, trends, and live odds. Experience the future of the world today, with an awesome community behind it!