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Wipe VIP queue bypass for our server!

Get unlimited queue skips for 3 months on all of our servers based in North America, Los Angeles

Renews on 3 monthly cycle

Gain access to the VIP Lounge

Access to insider information from ZG and the staff team

You do get recycler inside base/AUTO KIT every Hour

By purchasing VIP, you agree to the following terms of service outlined for Zaki Gaming located here: https://assets.whop.com/uploads/2023-12-04/user_2256017_896b8a37-1a84-4088-beda-d11e6779ca9b.pdf

VIP can take 24 hours to be added to your account.

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VIP 3 Months Access

Customer Q&A

Be the first to ask ZG VIP a question. If answered, your question will show up here for future customers to see.

Can I refund a store purchase?
Depending on the circumstances we do offer refunds. To see if you're eligible send us a help ticket or contact us.
Can I transfer VIP to a new account?
We do allow memberships to be transferred to alts accounts or other players. Keep in mind that once it is transferred it no longer is yours (unless you own the other account as well.) Send us a help ticket to request a transfer.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your billing agreements Go to your Orders on your Whop account Or if you have any questions contact us at any time
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