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Hello everyone, I’ve been working with Emmitt with the signal group and the Mentorship for the last 4 months or so. From a beginner’s perspective that only knew what terms meant in trading. I slowly worked into trading with the signals and the trading strategy used. All strategies that are used are efficient and work. The signals are high quality. Although, I don’t know if the signals is the best part of the group. The people in the group are really something special, if you ask questions you will get a response every time. No judgements, the people in the group that know and use the strategy are very helpful. One thing I’ve been told, that sticks with me that I’m going to pass onto the next people is… I’m this group especially, it’s not stupid to ask a bunch of questions if you don’t understand. It’s stupid to not ask questions at all, because most everyone is there to help. As far as mentorship, it is the best thing you will find. It is live market analysis with one of the best. You can ask any questions live, and Emmitt will always have an answer. It’s very obvious Emmitt cares about his group and everybody in it. He does A LOT and is always there for the group when they need him. He is a very special human. He will teach you to be a profitable trader, build up the mental toughness, and the skills. Once you join the group and mentorship, you will never want to leave again. Just as long as you put the work In on your own too. If you are hesitant on joining here is your cue.
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Zen Lab Capital
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