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Aim High Algo

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Enhance Your Confidence with the Future of Trading!

When you purchase AimHighAlgo you will have access to:

🪛Instant Access to AimHighAlgo | Signal and Overlays [V1] Indicator

  • Momentum and Strategy Signals
  • 10+ Confirmation Overlays (Indicators)
  • Extended Marks
  • Trend Table
  • Customizable Settings
  • Alert Functions

📚Strategies, User Guides, & Tutorials

💬Exclusive Chatroom and Watchlists

🌟Members Only Discord Community + Giveaways

👥24/7 Customer Service

✅Access to all current and future versions

& much more!

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Strategies/User Guides/Tutorials

Strategy and Momentum Signals:
Gain an edge in your trading with our expertly crafted strategy and momentum signals, designed to optimize your trading!
Key Overlay Features:
Improve your trading with our overlay feature such as support/resistance, reversal cloud, SMC price action, and +8 more!
All Markets and Timeframes:
We have built our signals to perform on all markets and time frames so you will always trade our optimized conditions!
Enhancing Performance:
Everyday our team is enhancing our AimHighAlgo Indicators and you will have access to all current and future versions!
Strategy Book:
Learn all of our step by step strategies that we created and use every day with our strategy and momentum signals!
Exclusive Chat Room:
Join insightful chats and share knowledge with the Admin of AimHighAlgo in real-time and other experienced traders!
Trading Fundaments:
Learn the ropes and enhance your trading skills with top-notch educational content!
24/7 Support:
Enjoy one-on-one assistance and support around the clock to help you succeed from our amazing support team!
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
4.71 out of 5
(14 reviews)
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2 months ago
I have been using Aim High Algo's services for a while now, and I have never felt better about trading in my life. The services and platform that Aim High Algo offers are second to none. Their customer service is also the best I have ever seen; they are always there to answer questions, offer advice, and be in constant contact with the community. Now to the new Indicator. This thing is pure magic once you get comfortable using it. The array of custom-made options that they include can help with any style of trading. There are numerous overlays that will help you trade better and smarter. I am so glad to be an early adopter of this, and I believe it has the potential to make everyone that uses it a better trader. Highly recommend anybody thinking about it to give it a try, you will not be disappointed.
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4 months ago
It was a great call, very good insights, and very good Examples. It helps a lot! And a forecast what is coming. Wow. Thanks for this great work!
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4 months ago
I had the pleasure of engaging in a one-on-one session with Aim High Algo, and it was a remarkable experience. The individualized attention and teaching method were exceptional. He has a unique ability to break down complex trading strategies into easily understandable concepts. His dedication to teaching shines through, making it possible for even those with no prior trading knowledge to grasp the techniques by the end of the session. I wholeheartedly endorse his one-on-one training and encourage joining his Discord for anyone in search of tailored guidance and significant improvement.
What should I expect after purchasing and how do I access the Indicator on my chart?
After purchasing, you will immediately be redirected to a page in Whop with simple instructions on how to instantly claim access. Setting up Aim High Algo Indicator is a very simple process. You will be able to install the indicator by inputting your Trading View username under the perks section after purchase. Please make sure you are using the correct Trading View username. If your indicator does not appear under your invite only scripts in your indicator tab, please message our Admin through Discord and we'll get it resolved!
Does it work for the free version on Trading View?
Yes, you are able to use our Indicator on Trading View's free account!
Does it work on all markets and time frames?
Yes! You can use Aim High Algo on any market on every time frame!
Does this Indicator basically trade for me?
We offer Strategy and Momentum Signals! The signals provide customization features so can tailor them to your own style!
What if I do not receive the Indicator?
If you don't receive the indicator after inputting your Trading View username, please contact our Admin through Discord and we'll get everything resolved!
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