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The Only Group You’ll Need To Teach You How To Cop from A ➡️ Z!

Nothing to see here just yet, come back later!

Top Tier 1 on 1 Support
Have any questions? Our staff team is dedicated to working around the clock to help guide you in the right direction!
Sneakers Site Lists/Cop Guides
Maximizing your chances to cop the hottest releases. Daily release guides showing you how to cop with ease!
In Store and Online Raffles
Never miss out on a raffle again! Providing you with links for every hyped release!
Lightning Speed Monitors
Get notified instantly when a sneaker drops or restocks! Never miss a sneaker drop again!
Fitted Hat Cop Guides
Do you collect Fitted's? Well we have a channel dedicated with guides on how to cop the hottest new releases!
Lowkey Flips
Detailed guides focus on Deals, Price Errors, Comics, Toys, Vinyls, sports cards, Etc...
Ticket Reselling
Information about upcoming venues & events that you can make a quick buck on.
Win free months, prizes, and tools to help you cop those tough to get releases!
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4.96 out of 5
(10 reviews)
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1 year ago
Free ACO, great monitors, and a super genuine community
Purchased Basic Renewal 1 year ago
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2 years ago
If you need a cg that doesn't charge a rediculous rate - B2B is the way to go! Perfect for beginners and everyone is very willing to help! The server is still relatively small as well - so members get much more 1 on 1 help from staff
Purchased Basic OG Renewal 2 years ago
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2 years ago
People and staff are excellent! The group has everything you need to be successful in reselling not only sneakers but everything else to sand the group buys and info and giveaways are very good. They are constantly adding to the group and I'm very happy with group so far 👏👏👍
Purchased Basic OG Renewal 2 years ago
What Releases Do We Cover?
We cover every upcoming sneaker/streetwear release. Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Supreme, Kith and much much more!
Do I Need To Be Experienced To Join?
Not at all! We are here to help you and guide you in the right direction! Any questions you have will be answered and it is our number one priority to help!
Do You Only Provide Sneaker and Streetwear Information?
We cover any and everything that is limited and tough to get! We also provide information on items that you can flip for a quick buck!
What Countries Do You Support?
Currently we only support US and Canada.
How Much Is The Membership Cost?
The membership cost is $19.95 per month. You can cancel at anytime!
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Reselling • Sneakers

10 reviews

B2B is an exclusive Sneakerhead community focused on bringing you the best information and tools to assist you cop those tough to get limited releases We are here to help you succeed beyond your expectations and encourage you to grow. We are a community that is built on family like values, where everyone is willing to help each other expand and strive for greatness.