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Baus Benchmarks

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Empowering Traders with Innovative, Data-driven TradingView Indicators.

Access to the trading group, includes all of the premium indicators: Probability Pivot Points, Range Probabilities, Seasonal Forecasts, and FX Yield Spreads. Comes with tutorials and 1-on-1s with Baus!

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Baus Trading Group

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Range Probabilities, FX Yield Spread Curve, Seasonal Forecasts, Probability Pivot Points

Probability Pivot Points
Probability Pivot Points calculates seasonal and non-seasonal statistics for 6 different Pivot Point strategies.
Range Probabilities
An advanced statistical distribution displays the probability of where High, Low, and Close data can occur in a range.
Seasonal Forecasts
See a bar-by-bar forecast of seasonal data into the future, and a dashboard to dive into nuances of each forecasted bar.
FX Yield Spreads
A known leading indicator of FX prices for the last 30 years, helps understand FX fundamentals at a deeper level.
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8 months ago
Excellent indicator!
Purchased Wayne's Pivots Pro 8 months ago
Where can I learn how to use the indicators?
There are free videos on the Plan to Profit YouTube channel demonstrating the indicators. Once you are subscribed and in the group, you can get tutorials and help interpreting the indicators directly in there.
Do I get to keep the indicators when I leave the Trading Group?
You do not get to keep the indicators once you leave the group. The indicators and group are in the same subscription.
Where can I learn more before purchasing?
Join the free Plan To Profit trading group and watch the Plan To Profit YouTube channel!
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Baus Benchmarks
Trading • Trading Indicators

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Indicators developed for TradingView retail and professional traders by Joe Baus. Subscription purchases include access to private chat rooms, 1 on 1s with Baus, and early access to beta indicators.