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What is Students?

Welcome to Whop’s student home, where you can find products to help you save money, work less, and ace your studies. With student discounts, food deals, homework help, and test prep, Whop has everything that you need to not only survive but thrive as a student. Whop’s product offerings include the likes of exclusive food deals and promotions to ensure that you don’t become the tired trope of the hungry student living on $1 ramen. Other student Discord servers are more study-focused, with student Notion templates, homework helpers, study habit trackers, and even AI-powered study buddies to keep you on track during your degree. Then, once you are ready to enter the world of work as a fresh new grad, you can find cover letter and CV templates, 1:1 mentoring, and role application trackers - all in one place on Whop. Whether you’re looking for student discounts, homework help, or graduate mentoring, browse Whop’s Student category and you’re sure to find the perfect product for you.