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Customer Q&A
Q: Hello Chris. Are the signal times 9:30 - 11:00 in New York time zone?
A: Hello there. The live signal sessions are between 9:50 - 11:00 am NY time and from 13:50 - 15:20 pm NY time. Furthermore, I give signals on EURUSD and USDJPY, but not during the live sessions
Asked on Jun 19, 2023
Q: Is the afternoon session also traded live?
A: Yes it is also traded live
Asked on Jun 17, 2023
Q: Hi Chris , do your strategies work for Crypto ?
A: Hello, I know that the strategies I teach in the academy work for crypto. The ones with the time zones I have not tested in crypto though.
Asked on Jun 25, 2023
Q: Hi, What so you mean by ‘going live’ in the Trading Signal plan? Do you just provide signals on TG or I can see you trade and understans alongside?
A: It means that I am going live every single day, twice per day. Unlike other “gurus” I am taking all my trades live and showing them to my viewers. I also explain every single thing. It is the most value for money that you can get
Asked on Jul 9, 2023
Q: during those live sessions from 9:50 - 11 are you taking entries on ES? I am only interested in ES
A: Yes, I am calling the entries on SPX500 and NQ. Both of those.
Asked on Jun 19, 2023
Q: Good evening. For those who can't watch the live session comes message on telegram only the trade signal?
A: Good evening. I am also sending the signals via text in the chat.
Asked on Aug 30, 2023
Q: Do you have percentage of your win rate and normal risk to reward of your signals? Thanks
A: Hello, the winning percentage varies from 65% - 90%, depending on the confluences of the setup. Usually our trades run for at least a 3/1 RR. Some of them way way more
Asked on Jun 19, 2023
Q: Hi what percent gain do you make a normal mounth trading your strategys ? how long will it take to learn to trade like you you think ?
A: Hello. The percent gain has to do with the amount of risk. I have made more than 10% per month the past 3 months, just by risking 0.5% per trade. If you already have some knowledge on trading, then you will not need long. Everything here is transparent, and you can always ask other members who have taken my services!
Asked on Jun 24, 2023
Q: So we can see you trade live?
A: Yes
Asked on Aug 6, 2023
Q: Can I see your past performance trades and statistics?
A: Yes I never delete any of the past statistics. So, when you join you can check out every single trade since the existence of this group. Btw this past week was Dope 👌
Asked on Dec 8, 2023
Q: Hi Chris, monthly TG signal subscription is from 1st of each month or from the day I join (even middle of the month) for 30 days?
A: Hello mehi. It is 30 days from whenever you enroll. So let’s say you join the 11th, you have access until the 11th of next month
Asked on Jan 14, 2024
Q: how the Academy works? do you provide recorded videos? or it scheduled live sessions on a weekly basis?
A: I provide recorded videos in the Academy
Asked on Sep 1, 2023
Q: Hi Chris. How many signals per day you have for FX and how many for indices? And what instrum. do you trade: ES, NQ, EU, GU and UJ? Thank you, Daniel.
A: Hello Daniel. I am sending 1 signal per day on average which is very high quality. On Forex EU and GU. And on Indices NQ mainly but occasionally SPX500
Asked on Dec 7, 2023
Q: Does the signals subcriptsion include the live session?
A: Yes when we do lives
Asked on Dec 13, 2023
Q: Hello Chris, I have a question regarding the signals. How many trades you have in those mentioned times in a week? thanks
A: Hello. We are taking 2 trades per day :)
Asked on Jul 23, 2023
Q: Hi Chris.How you send us the signals? Before start the trade or after you have entered the trade?It will be time for us to set up your signal?thank y
A: Hello 👋. I am doing the analysis every day and I always call 2-3 very high probability areas. I am telling the members to stay tuned if price enters our zones. When price is inside, I usually call the trade with a market execution and there is plenty of time for you to enter
Asked on Dec 17, 2023
Q: Why do you need more than 1 strategy? Isn't one enough or more strategies confusing? Do you use them all? Which one has the best backtesting results?
A: Hello 👋. You are right. One strategy is enough. I am teaching many strategies though, because people like different trading styles and chose the strategy that suits them the best :)
Asked on Dec 19, 2023
Q: Hi chris are you going to have a discord ?
A: Hello, I already have a discord if you join the Academy:)
Asked on Dec 26, 2023
Q: going live means you are always on TG channel at times you mentioned above via the link? Do you send a summary of your analysis before live sessions?
A: Hello 👋. We are going live from time to time which is rare. The reason for that is that we are focusing on a more swing trading approach rather than scalping. More trades with pending orders rather than market executions!
Asked on Jan 1, 2024
Q: Does the academy subscription also include the telegram signals?
A: No it doesn’t but if you subscribe to the Academy I will give you a good discount for the signals. Pm me on Instagram
Asked on Dec 18, 2023
Q: I’m interested in trading London session and on indices. Do you trade London as well? I’ve got some trading experience which services should I go for?
A: Hello, for indices we are doing 2 sessions from 9:50 - 11:00 am NY time and 13:50 - 15:20 pm NY time. For Forex I also do London. I would definitely suggest the Academy or 1on1 Mentoring
Asked on Jun 28, 2023
Q: How does signals work? Is it live Trading in Discord?
A: Hello John. I am going live on Telegram twice per day
Asked on Aug 27, 2023
Q: which course of yours will be best to learn trading Academy or 1 o 1
A: In the Academy you will learn all about my concepts and you can ask me anything you want as well. The 1on1 is great but I will be able to teach you only one thing within 1 hour
Asked on Jul 26, 2023
Q: Where can I see you live after I suscribe?
A: You will receive a telegram link and I am going live twice per day there. I also call trades when I am not live
Asked on Aug 17, 2023
Q: Is your Academy course instructor led or self paced? What is the approximate duration? Do students get any live market assistance post completion?
A: It is self-paced, but you are allowed to ask any question during and after completion for free !
Asked on Aug 15, 2023
Q: I see that you are talking about a gain profit percentage of about 10% per month, is that not very low considering your skills??
A: The return depends on the risk as well. But 10% is extremely high
Asked on Jan 8, 2024
Q: I paid for signal service, but you kick me out the tele group without any word, what happened?
A: Hello my brother. We are transferring people to my other Server and Whop has totally messed up for the moment. Everything is being fixed as we talk. Huge apology for the inconvenience!!!
Asked on Jan 14, 2024
Q: What time frame do you execute?
A: I execute on the 15min or 5min
Asked on Jan 1, 2024
Q: Are you strategies and training courses meant for traditional Forex or is this Futures trading? I think NQ is Nas100...correct?
A: It is for Forex trading. I also trade Nasdaq as contracts for difference and not futures
Asked on Dec 26, 2023
Q: And how do you see it now in December,will you still trade,is it worth joining (I bought a subscription to another group now and they stopped trading)
A: I will keep trading. I don't think that we will have an issue, since the trades I am taking are very selective
Asked on Dec 7, 2023