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If you dont know where the yield is coming from, You are the yield

Welcome to the Digisquad , an exclusive membership Helping you Gain that "Edge" in crypto

Being a Digisquad member gives you exclusive access to:

• My thoughts on the market

• Exclusive video content

• Exclusive access to other seasoned crypto traders and farmers like you. (Many brains are better that one 😉)

• know where I am allocating my portfolio and how I am navigating the markets

• Exclusive access to complete airdrop guide with toneless projects to use, Nfts to hold, Tokens to stake, Chains to use, Airdrops to Claim to maximize Airdrop gains

• Defi and trading strategies

• Covering Crypto Market news, updates, and trends of tomorrow

• Altcoin Calls

• Tools and resources to take your crypto game to the next level

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Discord access

Exclusive video content
Private Discord videos discussing fundamentals, Plays, what im looking at, latest farms/Narratives
Private Discord group
Discuss All things crypto with the comfiest Degens in crypto
Airdrop Alpha
The most up to date alpha on farming airdrops
Real-Time Crypto Market Alerts
Real time updates with whats going on in the crypto markets
Market updates
Real time updates with what im looking at and what im doing in the markets
Customer Q&A
Q: Is there any way to pay for membership via crypto?
A: yes sir, Via Whop
Asked on Nov 12, 2023
Q: Do I gain access to the Patreon discord after paying?
A: The patron discord and the whop discord are the same
Asked on Jan 11, 2024
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(5 reviews)
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6 months ago
The Drake on Digital Discord is a an amazing little community. Everybody is really trying their best to help, so that everyone can make it in crypto together. I've been part of the community for the better part of two years by now. It's divided into several channels, where you can decide what you are interested in, i.e. L2s, NFTs, DeFi, degen stuff, and so on. Drake spends most of his time researching projects, and he shares everything he finds/does. I really do believe what he says on his YouTube channel is true, he does want to help people. You should however be aware, that there are some caveats. First off, there is a lot of information in the Discord, especially during bullish market conditions. You might suffer from information overload and analysis paralysis. Next is, that even if all the best tokens are presented to you, if you don't know what to do with the information, you're likely not gonna do great. With that being said, anyone who wants to be a part of a small but fantastic community that really shares quality projects, this is the place for you.
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6 months ago
Drake is solid. Provides serious alpha. Honest guy. Check him out.
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6 months ago
Drake is amazing. Always on top of the market and a great guy. Really love his discord
Is this group for beginners?
If your new to crypto I recommend using the money to play around with different Defi protocols on some of the L2's or Alt L1's. I make plenty of free guides on youtube to learn how to use the different protocols.
Any discounts or Any free trials
There are no free trials but You can check out some of my videos on youtube as well as follow me on twitter if your unable to join. As for The price, it is already discounted and will increase as more members join to reward early supporters and keep our community close
Do you only take crypto?
No you can also join via patron https://www.patreon.com/drakeondigital
Is this for me?
If your looking for an edge in crypto and seeking to be early to the latest narratives, metas, airdrops, trends, then this is your place to be”
How can I learn about airdrops?
I have a complete and up to date guide from all the protocols to use, tokens to stake, NFTS to hold, nodes to run, Airdrops to claim.............
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Trading • Crypto

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Im a seasoned crypto investor that has learned from the school of hard Knocks so you dont have to. I have over 5 years of experience in crypto with My goal of Helping you gain an Edge in crypto. I cover DEFI, Nfts, Altcoins, Trending narratives, Airdrops, you name it. If it has to do with crypto, im on it.