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Customer Q&A
Q: Hi! I already sign in Freedome challenge and discord account, so how can I role assign? Thank you
A: This was answered in our discord chat. Once you log into whop, you need to link your whop account with our discord. Simply go to https://whop.com/hub/ and click on Join our discord.
Asked on May 25, 2023
Q: How long is the time of the subscription?
A: Depends on what you choose. We have monthly, six month, or yearly. Some products are forever. Forever means, life of the website. This would being products like Duxinator or Trading Techniques.
Asked on Mar 30, 2024
Q: Does your trading methods also apply to forex pairs or it’s strictly based on the stock market
A: No. Trading in Forex, Futures, Stocks, and Options demands distinct strategies due to the unique characteristics of each market. Within these markets, there are further subdivisions, such as low cap, mid cap, and high cap stocks in the equities market. Strategies that are effective for low cap stocks, for instance, may not be applicable to mid cap stocks. Each category and subcategory requires a nuanced, data-driven approach tailored to its specific dynamics and attributes. You need education.
Asked on Jan 16, 2024
Q: Do you have a public track record of your results validated by a third party software?
A: Yes. You can find it on our website. Here is the link. https://kinfo.com/portfolio/11253/performance
Asked on May 4, 2024
Q: I trade Part Time as i have a full time job. If i join Freedom Challenge will i need to trade full time?
A: We do not determine when, how, or what you trade. We are an education service, you will need to make those decisions for yourself. Legally, nobody who is not licensed can answer questions about what to do with your time and money. If you need anything else, please email support@stevenduxi.com or reach out to us on our website. Please make sure to also read our Terms Of Service to understand what type of business we are.
Asked on Nov 17, 2023
Q: Why it says you don't share the low cap & low float trades if that's what you do? Could you explain what is shared live in real-time then, please?
A: While we do share alerts on low floats occasionally, Steven tends to hold back because he's seen how new traders can get burned by them. Remember, we're not accountable for anyone's trades, and our alerts are more about learning than following blindly. We just want to make sure everyone understands that we're free to share what we think is best, whenever we think it's best. Sometimes that might mean a lot of alerts, and other times, none at all.
Asked on Apr 23, 2024