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It’s only the beginning

All sports bet by GG33 for the year NFL, NBA, MLB, and occasionally other sports when Gary has a pick.

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Exclusive Discord Access
Meet with our highly active chat to discuss different things going on deep dive on different topics together!
GG33 Approved Experts
You will have direct access to some of the top minds in their respective fields. From the occult knowledge to economics!
Credit for GG33 Memberships
You will get a credit towards GG33 Bronze, Silver, or Gold if you qualify to join the Official GG33 Network!
Exclusive Gary Spaces
Gary will have monthly calls in the discord chats for Q & A and just to share some of his knowledge for the Academy
Daily Numerology Outlook
We will give you the overall energetic imprint for the day and how to navigate the specific day!
Customer Q&A
Q: I was born 9-2-1970 what is my life Pat number?
A: Your Life Path number would be 28/1 Life Path. Some popular 28/1 Life paths include: LeBron James Steve Jobs
Asked on Sep 29, 2023
Q: I was born 7-31-1987 what is my life path?
A: You are a 9 Life Path
Asked on Oct 1, 2023
Q: I was born on 11th May 2003 so what would be my personality and which sector can i work or start a business to get the most potential out of me
A: Anything that has to do with Communications, Finances/Banking you should do very well at
Asked on Oct 1, 2023
Q: I was born 6-2-1988 what’s my life path
A: You are a 7 Life Path
Asked on Oct 2, 2023
Q: My daughter was born 5-27-2019 what is her life path?
A: Your daughter is an 8 life path born in the year of the Pig/Boar
Asked on Oct 1, 2023
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1 month ago
Tuesday May 28,2024 at 8:35pm I join. Simple to navigate to go through each course and understand. Great work and structure.
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3 months ago
Great information's , Thank You.
What is GG33?
GG33 is a group created by Gary Grinberg who is a 33 Life Path and speaks about the ultimate life hack which is imprinted Energy.
What is Imprinted Energy?
"Imprinted Energy" refers to a holistic and integrative approach that combines various ancient arts and belief systems such as numerology, Western astrology, Eastern astrology, and the Chinese Zodiac. This concept is based on the idea that at the moment of one's birth, these diverse cosmic and spiritual forces converge to create a unique 'imprint' or energy signature on an individual. This imprint is believed to carry a specific vibration that influences the individual's life journey. 1. **Numerology**: This aspect of Imprinted Energy involves the study of numbers associated with an individual, such as their birth date. Numerologists believe these numbers have specific vibrations and meanings, which influence a person’s life path, personality traits, and life challenges. 2. **Western Astrology**: In this system, the position of the sun, moon, and planets at the time of birth is considered crucial. Western astrology focuses on the zodiac signs and their associated elements (earth, air, fire, water), and it's believed to influence personality traits and life events. 3. **Eastern Astrology**: This form of astrology, often associated with Vedic or Indian traditions, also considers the position of celestial bodies at birth. However, it uses a different zodiac system and places more emphasis on the lunar cycle, offering a unique perspective on an individual’s life and karma. 4. **Chinese Zodiac**: Based on a 12-year lunar cycle, each year in this system is represented by an animal, and each animal is believed to bestow its characteristics on individuals born in that year. The Chinese Zodiac also considers elements and yin-yang balance, adding another layer to the individual's energy imprint. The synthesis of these systems in Imprinted Energy suggests that understanding your unique energy can provide deep insights into your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and life purpose. By embracing this knowledge, individuals can learn to navigate their environment and life situations more efficiently and effectively, aligning their actions and decisions with their innate energy patterns for optimal outcomes. This approach encourages a harmonious balance between self-awareness and external influences, fostering personal growth and self-understanding.
Is this all about Numerology?
While this platform offers an insightful overview of numerology and astrology, it's important to understand that we don't delve deeply into the specifics of these ancient arts here. Instead, our focus is on providing a broad understanding and fostering a community where enthusiasts and seekers can come together. We offer access to GG33 Approved experts who are always ready to share their insights and knowledge on demand. This creates a dynamic environment where learning and exploration are encouraged, and where every individual can find guidance and support in their journey through the realms of numerology and astrology. However, for those who are keen to unlock the more profound, esoteric aspects – the "NDA secrets" of numerology and astrology – our GG33 Bronze, Silver, and Gold memberships offer exclusive content and deeper insights. These tiers are designed for individuals who wish to delve further into the mysteries and intricacies of these ancient practices, providing a more comprehensive and in-depth exploration. In summary, while we provide a foundational understanding and a supportive community, the more secretive and advanced knowledge is reserved for our dedicated membership tiers. --- This response keeps the focus on the community aspect and the availability of expert insights, while clearly indicating that more in-depth knowledge is part of the exclusive membership offerings.
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GG33 Academy
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GG33 Exclusive information via videos that utilizes Astrology in a practical way without all the BS to dig through and try to figure out Basic Numerology content to questions in chat, that has been released as public knowledge from Gary and GG33 A place to discuss your knowledge and general life with people of similar interests/mindset (which we know is tough to actually find) Direct access to Gary the numbers guy and the opportunity to be eligible for his much more advanced Numerology information (since this access has been removed from the public for almost a year and access is only available by direct interviews through Gary) Monthly Live Spaces to interact with Gary the numbers Guy and ask questions regarding this information/general talking points Gary will speak on throughout the month regarding current events and how they correlate to what you are learning. Access to the GG33 network at a fraction of the cost, exclusive future offers for anyone in the Academy GG33 Academy OFFERS TAROT ASTROLOGY BASIC NUMEROLOGY HOLISTIC MEDICINE EXPERTS DAILY CALLS MESSAGES READINGS By joining the Academy you are doing so with a genuine interest in learning and networking. We reserve the right to revoke your membership with no refund issued if you violate our community rules or sign up for the sole purpose of ruining the experience for others within the group. © GG33 Academy. All rights reserved.