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Over $7.7 Million Generated in Profits in 2022 for Our Discord Trading Community.

The yearly subscription offers access to iTrade at a discount. Within this package you will experience multiple live trading sessions throughout the week, you will gain access to the entire discord server which includes a members only main chat where we discuss trade/investment ideas and a place to have questions answered by other members as well. We provide 10+ E-books for free and 500+ hours of educational material. You will also have access to 2 separate signal channels, a news feed, and 4 different trading courses.

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World-class Algorithms
Again access to our world-class algorithms that cover multiple platforms including TOS, TradingView, and more.
Community of Traders
Join a community of world-class traders to help you learn, grow, and strategise.
Educational Resources
Unlock 1000s of hours of educational resources including 10+ all inclusive e-books, and more.
Live Training
Join Nate, and his team daily for live trades, webinars, and streams.
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8 months ago
What I absolutely love is that the signals & trading methodology do not interfere with my normal work schedule. iTrade has provided clarity to my trading despite recent market volatility. Take it seriously, manage risk and scale your account.
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msb341-Lady Di#2917
8 months ago
iTrade membership includes excellent educational materials, trading community and a great algo. Nate is a fantastic mentor! Game changer for me!
How long are the trading courses?
We have 4 different video courses containing 120+ hours of video content. The total time it takes to get through all the videos, PowerPoints, ebooks, and other educational material inside the discord chat can take anywhere from 3-6 months to fully complete. It is all self paced so you can study whenever you want to, put it on pause, then start back up where you left off. Our discord is jam packed with everything a trader could possibly need to become consistently profitable & a fully self sufficient trader. Consider this a PhD Level University course & study like it is your responsibility to receive a 4.0 GPA and you’ll do great.
What if I have questions or concerns?
All students have access to our private Discord group where they can ask questions. Nate is active in the group chats daily. If you have urgent or very specific questions you can email, call, or text us using the contact info at the bottom of our home page or on the “Contact Us” page. You can also send Nate a DM on Discord or Instagram using the social media handles provided to you on iTrade’s website.
How do I sign up?
1. Create an account with DISCORD. 2. Join the iTrade Discord Server. 3. Add a Membership to your cart. Make payment for Membership. 4. Check your status in iTrade Discord Server. 5. You should now see additional channels when you swipe right on phone, or on the left side of Desktop version of Discord.
How much money do you need to START trading?
In our experience, it’s in our student’s best interest to BEGIN paper trading (simulated trading) to practice what you are learning as you complete all the educational material that iTrade has provided. Mistakes will be made along the way and its best to make these mistakes with paper money rather than your hard earned capital while you gain REAL and hands on experience.
How long does it take to understand how to trade?
This is entirely up to you, we all learn at a different pace. It takes time & effort so please be ready to fully dive into the stock market, forex market, crypto market, and all it has to offer. Enjoy the process and the journey this endeavor takes you on!
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We at iTrade are here to provide you with the means to become self sufficient traders & provide you with the skills & knowledge to acquire a new career path where you can work for yourself without having to answer to anyone. Whether you want just another stream of income or if you’re looking to trade full time and turn this into a full fledged career move iTrade can provide you with either avenue.