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(18 reviews)

Making Crypto Easy Since 2018

Many of our members initially jump in for insights or quick profits, but they often convert into long-term members due to the close-knit community we've built since 2018.

What do you get with premium?

  • Comprehensive charts and trading signals, such as leverage, spot, and long-term trading from not just our team but members too.
  • Online courses that teach everything about investing the correct way and effective risk management & profitable trading techniques to aid your trading.
  • Private live streams and real-time trade demonstrations
  • An open Discord environment so you can ask whatever question you like.
  • Daily videos on what is happening within the market with both cryptocurrency and the traditional market.
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Close-Knit Community
An online community of people who will be friends for life. Educated and able to help you.
Daily Content & Trades
A video each day, whether they are trades or market analysis.
Educational Content
Loads of courses with over 50+ hours of lessons valued at over $1000+
More Than Crypto
We also have areas for the FX market, Macro and the Stock Market.
Private Discord Server
From Degen Rooms, Investing or Trading. There is a space for everyone.
Simple Trading Systems
Learn how to trade and invest with us in Premium in a short period of time.
Trading Challenges
Follow exciting trading challenges from our analysts.
Weekly Live Streams
Catch us on a Live Stream each Friday morning to discuss the market and live trades.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(18 reviews)
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2 months ago
The one and only place you should be learning crypto and trading! Team & community are great. UK user.
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7 months ago
Best crypto education online. No BS or scammy, not a fortune every month. Great community to feel you’re not alone in your investing journey.
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tom farr#7792
a year ago
Hard working dedicated Team. This is more than 5 star. This is a brilliant course and content
What is the refund policy?
Currently, due to the 14-day trial. You have up to 14 days to cancel without taking payment so you can try the product in full before you decide.
Do you offer live support?
Either on our platform for the video content or on discord you can ask questions and get answered by the team or members who have the knowledge to help.
Is it worth buying it for a year?
If you'd like to lock in and save 3 months of the membership (£60), it's worth it.
Do you cover other markets, not just cryptocurrency?
Yes, we cover all markets in a basic format, with some members having high knowledge of different markets that helps with analysis of the cryptocurrency market.
Will I be successful?
If you put in the required effort to learn and follow risk management principles we teach, your chances are increased.
About the seller
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Trading • Crypto

18 reviews

Created in 2017 from a Facebook Group. It morphed into a UK-registered company in 2018, days before Bitcoin hit $3000. Learning:Crypto specialises in online courses, memberships and written content.