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View Our Traders Live, 1-1 Calls For Help & Exclusive Trading Bots

Welcome to 1st2Notify

Launch Your Forex & Crypto Trading Career With The fastest Data Driven Guidance

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What’s included in your membership:

24/7 Personalised Individual Support

  • 1 to 1 support, as you need it, from our fantastic staff team. They have exceptional knowledge across all areas, understand the demands of beginners and are kind and considerate.

Forex Bot

  • The moment you join, you will get access to a forex trading bot. You get a dedicated member of staff to help you go through the set up and ensure you understand how to use it.

Watch Traders Live

  • Twice a day one our professional traders stream a live video of their analysis and subsequent trades placed.

Trading signals

  • Our same professional Forex and Crypto traders post their signals. This is the perfect way to start trading as you can learn the basics while following an expert.

Introductory calls

  • You will receive an introductory call to ensure you are able to leverage every aspect of our services. Our staff are kind and patient and will answer any questions you may have at whatever level you are at.

Macro Economic News

  • We provide key information on upcoming data likely to effect the markets and an analysis of what we expect to happen.

Learning Resources

  • You will receive access to multiple books on all levels of trading allowing you to start your trading journey or hone your skills at a higher level.

The Community

  • Our CEO Arran Brough has been running communities for over 4 years evolving from Sneakers, through NFTs and into Forex and Crypto trading. The groups are known for the consideration of the staff and the friendly community spirit of all those involved.

Funded Accounts

  • Funded accounts enable individuals (who have passed an eligibility test) to trade with the funds of other companies for 80% of the profits. We have an incredible track record of helping members pass these tests thanks to the signals provided in the group.
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Forex Bot Access
A revolutionary trading bot that enables you to make money from your phone while you’re not even there!
24/7 Support
1 to 1 personalised, individual support, as you need it, from our fantastic staff team.
Trading Signals
We have a team of incredibly experienced Forex and Crypto traders who post their signals for you to follow.
Introductory Calls
We offer free 1-1 calls to every member so you can maximise every second in our discord.
The Community
A community like no other. We are so proud our reviews highlight how amazing our community is, no matter your knowledge.
Funded Accounts
Trade with up to $2 Million and get paid up to 80% of the profits you generate!
Learning Resources
Access to multiple books and video courses catering to all levels of trading.
Customer Q&A
Q: How often are the live trading sessions done?
A: Our head analyst Jake goes live every weekday morning to go over the charts, and will show you what he is looking for each day. Jake then goes live again in the afternoon for the US trading session, so you can watch him in action, ask questions and follow along.
Asked on Oct 3, 2023
Q: Is there learning material for beginners in here?
A: Absoloutely! Not only do we offer a free 1-1 call for every member that signs up, but we also have a completely free course for beginners which includes 21 unique videos!
Asked on Oct 3, 2023
Q: Does all the trade or made automatic like I don’t have anything to do and can I know your % you made per month with your bot
A: The bot does everything automatically, the % depends on the risk you do. However if you averaged 2% risk per trade you would be up 14%. The bot has a 90% win ratio since it started. We claim 20% of the profits you make from the bot, which is how we are able to give it away for free and is what enables us to keep investing in it.
Asked on Jun 1, 2023
Q: How often to you guys places trades, and whats your win %?
A: We focus on consistency rather then volume with our trades. We place around 1-2 a week and have a 80-85% success ratio. This leads to an average portfolio gain of 5% a month.
Asked on Oct 3, 2023
Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(35 reviews)
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3 months ago
The guys have helped manage a funded account for me for the past few months, every question has been answered quickly and for someone with little knowledge I’ve never felt like I was asking a stupid question. Really helpful and extremely nice people!
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4 months ago
1st2Notify group is highly recommended for traders of all levels. They provide a lot of support to everyone no matter what level of trading skills you have. Especially for their strategy on signals and prop firm passing, their professionalism is top-tier and highly rated! Recommend you guys to check them out if u wanna level up your trading experience.
User avatar
6 months ago
Really good trading page, it’s more than just a signal group it’s a group of hustlers and a group of likeminded individuals it’s more than just trading. In terms of signals, some are better than others but you shouldn’t just join solely for signals and should have a learning mindset because a lot of wisdom and knowledge regarding trading is dropped In the server.
Does This Group Support Beginners?
Yes of course we do! We support all ranges of ability, so whether you’re completely new to the world of trading, or already familiar with it, we can help. We have beginner guides in place for you to read when you initially join, FAQs,and 24/7 staff support.
Why Is Your Group Better Than Others?
We believe we offer the best value-for-money service within the space. Our close community of members creates a uniquely supportive environment for learning and progressing. We extensively cover all major networks to bring you the best opportunities for profit. We have highly experienced staff that are exclusive to our group, providing alpha that will not be found elsewhere.
Can I Trade Alongside A Full-Time Job?
Yes, it is absolutely possible to have great success alongside a full-time job. Most of our members do exactly this. Thanks to our copy trading bot, you can set it to make trades even when you're not at your phone!
How Do I Know That I Will Have Success In Your Group?
Please look at the reviews on our website, as well as on Google and Trustpilot You will see that these speak for themselves.
Can I Make A Profit From Any Country?
Absolutely! Although we are mainly UK based, we have members from all over the world that are making profits. The beauty of what we do is it can be done from anywhere.
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1st2Notify Trading
Trading • General

35 reviews

Start Forex/crypto trading with a super-helpful team of experienced traders and advisors. Prop Firm Passing/Trading Signals/Accountmanagement. Free Forex course and a friendly community

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