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ACE Trading

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Discord community of Futures Traders. Membership includes ALL products and services available.

We are comprised of a team of experienced traders who specialise in the futures market. We offer a range of:

  • Automated trading algorithms (bots!!),
  • Indicators
  • Trading strategies
  • Edge on the market
  • Discord Trading Community with 24/7 support!

All products aim to suit a range of time-frames throughout the 24-hour day. Our team takes pride in our work, and enjoys helping others understand the concepts and technical analysis.

Experience next-gen trading with our premium, user-friendly Trading software. Harness powerful real-time data for a $60 monthly subscription. Turn your trading potential into performance with a minor learning curve, and enjoy swift adaptability to market changes. Unleash your financial prowess. Make the change towards smarter trading today!

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Becoming a Surfer - Course

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πŸ“ Disclaimers, πŸ“š Current Catalogue of Bots/Indicators, πŸ“ Start Here

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Beginner Bot - Wave Breaker, Beginner Bot - Surfer, Beginner Bot - Wave Rider, Member Created Bot - Wave Rider (Non-Timed Charts), Member Created Bot - Previous Day HL, Intermediate Bot - Wave Breaker V2, Member Created Bot - Wave Breaker The Set, Intermediate Bot - Surfer V2, Intermediate Bot - Cutback, Experienced Bot - Surfing Cowboy, Experienced Bot - Wave Breaker Accumulation, Experienced Bot - FVG Fills, Experienced Bot - Wave Finder, Indicator - Wave, Indicator - VWAP, Indicator - Wave Finder, Indicator - Fair Value Gap, Indicator - Surfcast, NinzaRenko Specialties Bot - Ninza Wave Rider, NinzaRenko Specialities Bot - Tsunami Effect

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NinjaTrader Automated Bots
You'll get access to a catalogue of automated bots that can be used on the Ninjatrader Trading Platform
NinjaTrader Custom Indicators
You'll get access to a catalogue of custom indicators that can be used on the Ninjatrader Trading Platform
MT5 Automated Bots
Coming soon!
MT5 Custom Indicators
Coming soon!
Educational Resources
You'll get access to a range of educational resources created by ACE Trading creators
Trading Floor Access
Access to live trading every single day along with access to ideas, setups and plays on the market
Live Trading Community
Traders that support each other and work together to build an edge on the market
24/7 Support
We will respond to your questions or concerns and support you in your trading journey
Customer Q&A

Be the first to ask ACE Trading a question. If answered, your question will show up here for future customers to see.

Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(6 reviews)
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a month ago
Ive spent years testing and building bots and learning trading strategies. These bots work and have so many different ways to be used on the markets. Quality coding, Awesome support from Kruges and the discord community. This is a excellent choice if you enjoy bot trading.
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a month ago
Love the bots! Love the education! They quickly passed an evaluation for me straight away! I was hesitant, but I recommend them now without hesitation!
User avatar
a month ago
The team at Ace Trading is top notch! What I love is they are extremely responsive and answered all of my questions. The session was informative and I will definitely be ordering more of them! Kruges is a fantastic teacher and they are taking my trading to another level!
What is your refund/cancellation policy?
This is a monthly subscription. As with any other subscription service we do not offer refunds, however you can cancel at any time.
Who should NOT buy this?
You should NOT buy this program if you are expecting an alert system. You will NOT be a good fit if you want to depend on others to fully trade for you. Building your own understanding of the market and using the bots/indicators to trade will still require you to manage your own accounts
I have no experience in the stock market, I am still a good fit?
That is not an issue. The goal of ACE Trading is to create financially literate individuals. We understand that it takes time, but we are here to help you navigate through the volatile nature of the financial markets.
About the seller
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ACE Trading
Trading β€’ Trading Indicators

6 reviews

Our establishment is more than just a software store; it's your ultimate partner in navigating the complex landscape of futures trading. Every day, we provide our users with access to live trading, offering fresh and insightful ideas, setups, and plays on the market. But we're not just focused on delivering high-quality software solutions, we also prioritize fostering a community of traders. This network supports each other and works collectively to gain an advantage in the marketplace. Moreover, we are committed to your individual growth and success as a trader. Our responsive team is always available to address your questions or concerns, proving guidance and backing in your trading journey. Join us in reshaping the trading experience through technology and community.

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