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Adam Trading Bot

(105 reviews)

Elevate Your Trading Game: Expert Insights, ADAM Bot, Exclusive Community & Weekly Q&A Sessions. Join Now!

ADAM AI Trading Bot send LONG/SHORT alerts setups based on the market key levels, supply & demand zones and volume.

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Trade Alerts
ADAM AI Bot Reading the market direction Long or Short alerts on $SPY $ES / $QQQ $NQ
Trade Recaps
we will explain every trade that the bot will alert so that you understand the best trades setups
Trading Community
A private chat to discuss and exchange ideas
Weekly Podcast
Weekly Podcast Every Friday 10am - 12pm
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
4.89 out of 5
(105 reviews)
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23d ago
"I had the incredible opportunity to be part of Adam’s first-ever 4-week mentorship program, and it was a very trans-formative experience for my trading career and overall well-being. Unlike other programs that offer brief consultations, Adam's approach was comprehensive, dedicated, and genuinely life-changing. From the outset, Adam took a deep dive into understanding my trading style, goals, and lifestyle. He crafted a bespoke trading plan that aligned perfectly with my life & the limited hours i had available as im based in Sydney Australia & have limited access to the NY session, providing me with specific setups for London & NY sessions, robust risk management strategies, and precise trade sizing that I could confidently implement. Each week, our Zoom calls were a goldmine of insights. Adam meticulously reviewed all my trades, offered constructive feedback (drastically cut back on number of trades ), and adjusted my trading plan to 1 high probability setup trading Futures only to optimise my performance & it worked . Prior to this is was trying to be a jack of all trades & getting no where . After his mentorship I went from irratically trading every setup i could see to strictly 1 setup trading MNQ which started working over & over again. This hands-on, iterative approach ensured that I was not just learning but effectively applying the knowledge to see tangible results. Now i can say i am consistently profitable trading one instrument & have the ability to now transfer across to trading NQ . Hand on heart i could not have done this without Adams help....Thank you Adam ... You're the G.O.A.T!!!
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4 months ago
One needs a bit of trading skills to confirm whether to enter on his alerts. But it was unfortunately too expensive for me.
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4 months ago
After 4 years of trading by far the easiest part of my day is taking the AI Bot play or plays that come through. Always handle you’re due diligence but you can almost take these callouts blindly and manage you’re risk, simple as that. You got 2 choices blow you’re account or sign up and save you’re hard earned money and watch it grow . Thanks Adam always improving!!
What are the AI bot alerts?
The bot will send alerts based on key levels, supply and demand areas, as well as the VWAP. The bot right now will mainly share alerts on SPY QQQ.
Cancellation and refund policy
Cancellation: Log into Whop with your Discord account. Go to the Whop dashboard and click "Manage Membership". From there you will see the option to cancel. You will have access until your billing cycle is complete. Refund : we offer full refund in 15 days of registration if you are not satisfied with our services just contact us : https://adamoptions.com/contact-us/
Can I trade futures with it?
Yes you can! If the bot gives an alert on SPY you can take it on /ES
Which tickers will the bot alert on?
SPY / QQQ and the top 10 holdings of SPY.
What is the win rate of the bot?
The Win rate roughly +80% , you can see all the trading results > https://discord.gg/WTq3EFU2E4
About the seller
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Adam Options Academy
Trading • Stocks

105 reviews

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Adam Options academy is an online community and resource for learning to trade & improving your trading skills and driven traders to reach the next level.

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