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Diversify your Income Streams. An Exclusive All-In-One Group Experience.

Experience AKIRA, a premium collective that provides you with specialized alerts, guidance, and resources that transform your income streams. Benefit from our solid network of 6-7 FIGURE Members and indulge on PROVEN business models for beginner AND seasoned entrepreneurs alike to generate THOUSANDS, MONTHLY - with NO CEILING.

AKIRA constantly adapts to the latest opportunities - ensuring you are NEVER left behind and continue to grow your successes.

  • 15+ Niches (Ticket Brokering, Amazon FBA, NFTs, Crypto, Options Trading, Online & In-Store Reseling, Sneaker Info + Plugs, Deals & Price Mistakes, eCommerce, Sports Betting, Luxury Investments, NFTs, Crypto, and so much more)
  • Tools to fuel your success (Restock Monitors, Ticket Monitors + Drop Checkres, Deal Monitors, Sneaker Monitors, and so much more)
  • AT LEAST 1 Weekly Voice Call, Multiple Classes a month from experts in each niche, 24/7 Support, One on One Onboarding and Coaching Voice Calls.
  • Advanced Guidebook that covers the entire server, top to bottom. Hundreds of pages of education.
  • Bonus Server Free with Membership. Includes ongoing money-methods, and software built to instantly provide you value. (Free Food Bot, Free Homework Bot, Free Gas Bot)
  • Don’t have a bot? We do the work for you with FREE AutoCheckout Services Offered (Sneakers, Exclusive Flips, Free Amazon Sniper Bot)

BRACE YOURSELF for an unparalleled experience. Boost your income, transform your DREAM into a LIFESTYLE with us - because that's just how we do it at AKIRA.

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Sneaker Reselling // MASTERGUIDE, Ticket Brokering // MASTERGUIDE, Amazon FBA // MASTERGUIDE, Botting // MASTERGUIDE, NFTs // MASTERGUIDE, In-Store Reselling // MASTERGUIDE, Options Trading // MASTERGUIDE, Loops // MASTERGUIDE, Server Basics // MASTERGUIDE, Making Sales // MASTERGUIDE, Sports Betting // MASTERGUIDE, Luxury // MASTERGUIDE

Our alerts and state-of-the-art monitors consistently providing eBay and Amazon Sellers with profitable inventory.
Alerts, Monitors, Stock Numbers, and an Expert Team that is always on the clock waiting for the next drop.
Vinyl, Comics, Funko, Golf Items, Limited & Exclusive Memorabilia, Art, Keyboards, LEGO Investing - the list goes on.
Network of 6-7 Figure Sellers, Daily Leads, Voice Calls, Guides, and everything you need to scale your Amazon Business.
Ticket Flipping Alerts, Monitors that constantly search for restocks, and Scaling Advice.
Our In-House Freebie Bot snipes 100% Free Amazon Items in your sleep.
Get coverage on drops, profitable opportunities, and alpha in the NFT and Crypto Space across multiple chains.
These features are only a fraction of what is offered. It's up to you to see just what waits for you on the other side.
Customer Q&A
Q: Do you cover LEGO
A: Yes! AKIRA is home to the LEGO niche - have been flipping, holding, and collecting LEGO sets for years. Our LEGO category contains long-term investments, in-store & online clearances (up to 90% off), GWP plays & updates, restock monitors on retired sets, deal alerts, and more. We take LEGO very seriously as a way to make quick money and to build long-term wealth. Plastic Gold. If you aren't investing into LEGO sets you are truly missing out on a historically proven market.
Asked on Sep 23, 2023
Q: Do I get charged when I join the waitlist?
A: Nope! You are ONLY charged once you are ACCEPTED into AKIRA. The only way you'd get charged instantly is if you purchase the Waitlist Bypass Plan - which is highly limited.
Asked on Sep 23, 2023
Customer reviews
4.99 out of 5
(323 reviews)
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13 days ago
There is no excuse to not being able to make money with Akira. They provide several avenues to continuously profit regardless of your ability, time, or budget. The community cares and it shows in how they interact with each other. You won’t be disappointed.
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14 days ago
I’m excited to share with you the experiences I’ve had with AKIRA’s Cook Group where reselling isn’t just a business, it’s a journey of development and success. I knew from day one that I had found something special when I joined AKIRA. One of the best things about this community is that it’s not just about fellow resellers. It’s about supportive peers who really want what’s best for each other. Whether you’re an experienced reseller or just getting started, there’s room for everyone. The team’s collaborative spirit is contagious, and I’ve learned a lot from the diverse knowledge that’s shared. AKIRA provides a wealth of resources and tools that are invaluable to any reseller. From start-up links, monitors, guides, and tutorials, you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed. The team goes the extra mile to make sure you have access to up-to-date strategies and insider knowledge, giving you a competitive advantage in the market.
20 days ago
I am one of the members that came from the bounce family and while at first I was a bit worried about the transfer I am glad the team at Akira is handling everything well. The transfer was pretty smooth and they were accomadating to all the members. I cant wait to see what else they have in store as we go into the year and continue to make money.
What does AKIRA GROUP focus on?
We focus on quite literally everything that is making money. We're constantly adapting and evolving to make sure we are covering all of the important niches. Currently, we are engaging in Ticket Brokering, Amazon Selling, eCommerce, Price Errors / Deals, Options Trading, Reselling Collectibles (comics, vinyl, lego investments, funko, etc) and much more.
How easy is it to make my money back?
All of our Members make their money back as soon as they join - whether it's through value saved, or value earned off of our many ongoing deals and leads. Utilize the group, and the monthly fee will look like a joke, literally. It's as easy as signing up, engaging in whatever we ping you for. We ping, you profit. From education, to bots & tools to get free items, and passionate experts who are ready on the other side to help you making thousands a month.
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Reselling • ECommerce

323 reviews

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Private collective of visionaries shifting entrepreneur culture through a true all-in-one experience. Within the Exclusive Network of Akira, you will find curated professionals for Amazon FBA, NFTs, Stocks, Sneakers, Flips, Deals, Price Errors, Ticket Brokering, Reselling, Sports Betting, and more with an active community to match. Surround yourself with individuals making 5-6 figures monthly. Access guides, support, education, and daily alerts. No Member left behind. Learn / Adapt / Grow

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