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Arbitrage Lab

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Premium UK Reselling Group

Boost your reselling game with our all-inclusive UK-based Discord group. Benefit from 130+ custom monitors, raffle stock numbers, detailed release guidance, and personalized in-house bots. Perfect for beginners and experienced resellers alike! Join now for £30/month and elevate your reselling experience.

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Over 130+ Custom Monitors
We have over 130 entirely in-house custom monitors.
Beginner Friendly Guides
Are you just starting out with reselling? Don't worry, we provide guidance for anyone looking to get started.
Diverse Reselling Information
We don't just cater to one area of reselling. We cover multiple avenues of it.
Expert Release Guidance
We provide highly detailed guidance on every release followed up by regular updates on how that product is performing.
Early Information & Pids
We provide early information for multiple retailers as well as any necessary pids for botting.
Raffle Stock Numbers
We provide raffle stock numbers for numerous sites. Including END and Mesh.
In-house Discord Bots
We have several in-house discord bots to help you resell successfully.
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Customer reviews
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1 month ago
Good set of lads, naughty deals and pings but just a shame one of the owners supports a shocking football team 💀5 stars tho big up the lab till i die
Purchased 3 years ago
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1 month ago
Wonderful pings, great staff, super informative, don't see myself leaving anytime soon
Purchased 10 months ago
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1 month ago
Best group ever, staff are the best , ashame me and the lab had to part ways😢 However i reccomend u people joining this amazing group
Purchased 5 months ago
Is there support for beginners?
Yes absolutely! Upon joining the server you're placed into an onboarding ticket. Inside of this ticket, you are sent our welcome guide which should help you get going. You're more than welcome to follow up with any questions that you might have.
Is this group suitable for users outside of the United Kingdom?
Our experience is targeted towards the United Kingdom, you will find monitors inside of the discord group for other regions but there is no dedicated support for it.
Do you provide custom monitors?
Yes, we currently have over 130 custom monitors. We're always working hard to add new sites.
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Arbitrage Lab
Reselling • General

38 reviews

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Arbitrage Lab was established back in May of 2020 (originally as The Lab). We are one of the leading UK-based reselling groups with over 650 members.

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