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(7 reviews)

Where Innovation, Meets Reality.

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[2023] Astral Algorithm v2.0, [2023] Astral Oscillator v1.0

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Astral Algorithm & Oscillator Guide, [2023] Astral Algorithm v2.0 Link, [2023] Astral Oscillator v1.0 Link

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Astral Yearly, Astral Client

Astral Exclusive Indicators
Our Variety of Built-In Custom Coded Indicators Make Us One of The Most Technologically Advanced Algorithms To Date!
Spot Long & Short Signals
Our Long & Short Signals, Paired With Our Auto-Generated Risk Levels, Produce The Perfect Asset To Any Traders Arsenal!
Entry, TP, & SL Levels
Each Signal Comes Paired With An Entry Level, TP, & SL To Assist Your Position Management & Confirmation Process!
Signal Confirmation System
Our Custom Confirmation System Ensures Our Users Only Take CONFIRMED & TRUSTED Signals That Break The Entry Level!
Supply & Demand Zones
Our Algorithm Automatically & Accurately Maps Out Supply & Demand Zones! A Timely Process Now Done Effortlessly
Astral Stock Screener
A Completely Built-In Customizable Stock Screener To Keep Track of Multiple Tickers & Types of Market Data ALL AT ONCE!
'AstralTrend' Display
Our AstralTrend Table Allows Our Users To Stay Up To Date On The Trend For All Select Timeframes With Ease!
'AstralStats' Display
Our Custom Statistics Display Houses Various Types Of Important Market Data Right At Your Fingertips!
Customer question & answers

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Customer reviews
4.95 out of 5
(7 reviews)
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3 months ago
This is a solid product with a good support team and I believe it will be helpful for most people. If you’re unfamiliar with how to chart this might be a good fit for you. It can also be a good way to supplement your charting and look for conformation. You also will be included in a great good of investors through discord who help one another become better at trading. I believe it is worth trying it out risk free with the free trial if you're interested in this product. The creator of the algorithm is a very nice guy and he will promptly respond to any questions you may have.
Purchased [2023] Astral Algorithm v2.0 5 months ago
User avatar
4 months ago
Tested this algo for a few months in order try out the algo world as the years of 0dte options trading has made me look into other lazy trading methods. I hope to provide what I believe to be a fair and honest review. I do not recommend this algo for trading 0dte options with very little experince in that area. Instead I do recommend that you try to trade crypto or micro futures if you have interest in those. When comparing the algo to my own entry strats I found that it called entry quite late into a trend leaving a much small safety net below or above an entry. For example, on days when comparing the algo and manually trading to test, I found that while using the 3/5m charts I would take my entries 2 or 3 bars before the algo would call an entry. That means potentially 6-10 mins of movement, in addition to the time it takes for a candle to close above or below the entry line system. I believe this is in part the reason why this system can be prone to reversal, which is not the fault of the creator in my opinion; just a condition of the market but that lost time does matter. I do recommend this algo for anyone who is semi experienced and knows risk management. Take contracts a day or 2 away from entry signals even though there is less gain. This algo DOES WORK and did hit quite a few homeruns, but if the market is the right mood I found that even with all the failsafes in place, it is quite easy to get caught in a reversal even after doing everything right. (I think this goes back to how long it takes to call an entry.) I was overall profitable with it, but in 2 weeks of side by side testing I found I made about 23% less using the algo. Overall, I found its potential gain to be less than following simple Vol/EMA/SMA crossovers which is a very solid beginner freindly strategy. Ultimately it is less efficient/profitable than manually watching and trading, in my opinion, but I do think someone who knows absolutely nothing about price action or charts could be profitable as long as they set stop losses and take profits early. But I would like to stress again, that you could nearly the same thing with Vol/EMA/SMA crossover strategy for free. Creator of this algo does seem to put a lot of care into this algorithm. During my few months using this algo, There lots of update and the creator is always asking for feedback, so if I could rate him specifically I'd give him a 5/5, but this algo is potentially causing people to invest with their real money, so I have been as honest as I can in this review. These are all my opinions, take them for what you will.
Purchased [2023] Astral Algorithm v2.0 7 months ago
User avatar
5 months ago
Astral Algorithm is one of the most advanced and effective algorithms I have seen. It has so many data points and factors it seems it is impossible to go wrong!
Purchased [2023] Astral Algorithm v2.0 5 months ago
Do I Need To Upgrade My TradingView Plan To Use The Algorithm?
No! You Will Be Able To Use Both Our Algorithm & Oscillator On The Basic Free TradingView Plan! No Other Purchase Necessary!
About the seller
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Trading β€’ Trading Indicators

7 reviews

We At AstralVerse Focus Not Only On Helping Traders Succeed In The Easiest Way Possible, But To Help Traders EXCEL In The Market! We Strive On Creating Quality Tools To Assist The Everyday Trader On Their Journey To Financial Freedom! We Have Spent Hundreds of Hours, Coded Thousands Of Lines, Backtested Over 1 YEAR of Historical Market Data, All To Perfect Our Craft and Make Our Product Visions Come TO LIFE! We Grind Every Single Day To Help Likeminded Traders Like Yourself Know What It Truly Feels Like To Take Control Of The Market, and Be In Control Of Your Own Journey To Financial Freedom!

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