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We Make Reselling Easy!

You get access to everything in the Monthly Subscription + Exclusive Role and Exclusive channels for becoming a Lifetime member!

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Customer Q&A
Q: Is it possible to try the 7 day free trial then cancel before the £30 monthly subscription happens
A: Yes! You're able to cancel at any time :)
Asked on May 19, 2023
Q: can i cancel the monthly fee
A: Yes you can do this via managing your membership in your WHOP hub.
Asked on May 31, 2023
Q: How do I cancel
A: You can manage your subscription on the dashboard here on Whop!
Asked on Jul 17, 2023
Q: How can I cancel my membership?
A: You can cancel via the dashboard or by opening a ticket in the server
Asked on Jul 5, 2023
Q: please may you just cancel it or something as i've been charged 0.81 for some reaosn
A: Hey, The charge is only a temp hold from WHOP to ensure it's a legitimate card - it never gets taken just drops back into your account.
Asked on May 19, 2023
Customer reviews
4.94 out of 5
(748 reviews)
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6 months ago
Ridiculous this has n been a good experience was kicked out for no reason and they stil taking my money
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1 year ago
Perfect system, everything you need on time and whenever you need it
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1 year ago
Very decent server. Made me £100 in the first month. Highly recommend and can guarantee you will not loose money
How do you guys help me make money?
Reselling is the art of buying high demand low supply products with the aim of selling them on for a profit! We here at Astro Alerts provide everything from A - Z from what products that are profitable to how to buy and how to sell!
Is it true you guys provide a free bot?
Yes, our members have access to a **FREE** raffle bot!
How is it risk-free?
All of the items we provide information and monitor to resell are all retailers who are required to comply with EU/UK regulations meaning that they accept returns and refunds within 14 days of purchase. In the unlikely event that the item you have bought doesn’t sell, you can create a return with the retailer and get your money back.
How do I cancel if it is not for me?
You are able to cancel your subscription any time via the dashboard which can be found here: https://dashboard.astroalerts.co.uk You can also do this by making a support ticket in the group!
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Astro Alerts
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748 reviews

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