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Aurora Trading

(80 reviews)

The very best in online investment education with an outstanding history.

Change Your Trading Career Forever, Only With Supply & Demand πŸ’Έ

Determine Price Action Pivots BEFORE They Happen

There are many unique strategies that fit under the supply and demand umbrella, however we focus on Institutional Zones of Demand and Supply Imbalances.

  • Updates in real time
  • Displays Institutional zones as they form & break
  • All Markets, All Securities
  • Zones of all time frames, 30min - 1 month
  • Fully Customizable, over 20 different settings
How To Measure the Strength of Supply and Demand Zones?

The longer the consolidation takes place, the larger the demand / supply zone will be. This strength is measured by the time frame of the origin of the zone. Each zone may be formed on a different time frame, the biggest being the 1 Month time frame, and the smallest being the 30 Minute.

  • The weakest zones are derived from the 30 minute time frame
  • This means the zone took two 30 minute candles to form, which is not a lot of time for institutions to place orders
  • Larger zones such as 1 Day, 1 Week, and 1 Month often cause large swings in the market lasting weeks, months and even years
How Might I Place a Trade Using the Indicator?
  • Find a highly institutionally traded stock that is currently in supply or demand as shown by our indicator
  • Look for an above-average (exaggerated) volume spike, this is known as volume confirmation
  • Now that there is a volume spike which is confirmation of large orders being filled, you need more confirmation that the institutional orders are not only a buy/sell, but large enough to actually reverse the current trend
  • It comes down to personal preference and how aggressive you would like to be. Keep in mind, the longer you wait, the more confirmation your trade has, but also, the longer you wait, the greater the risk of missing the new trend
  • Enter the trade. Now that you have proper supply / demand confirmation, you may place your trade.

If you want to enter price action pivots before they happen, the Professional Zones indicator is for you.

Get the professional zones indicator and unlock life changing trading opportunities.

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Professional Zones - Institutional Demand and Supply Imbalances

Live Trading Sessions
Join our interactive live sessions for practical learning and real-time expert guidance.
Real-Time Trade Alerts
Receive instant notifications on profitable trades and strategies from our expert team.
Live Lessons
Learn from the best with our daily live lessons where we cover the entire spectrum of trading.
Advanced Trade Analysis
Visualized data and insights on market trends for improved decision making.
Curated Watchlists
Daily customized watchlists of high-potential stocks handpicked by our experts.
200 hours of Education Content
Learn effective risk management techniques and develop profitable trading skills from 200+ hours of custom education.
Members are rewarded
We giveaway hundreds of dollars weekly, rewarding our members for winning quizzes & other trading based challenges.
The Most Advanced Indicator
We have built the most powerful & advanced indicator that automatically charts institutional supply and demand zones.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(80 reviews)
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4 months ago
10/10 TradingView indicator! Absolutely love the structure it gives to the chart! πŸ₯³
User avatar
6 months ago
This is a great educational community with leaders who have repeatedly shown they know what they are doing and are willing to put in time to share their knowledge.
6 months ago
Amazing service. I promise you it will help you progress
About the seller
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Aurora Trading
Trading β€’ General

80 reviews

At Aurora, we are revolutionizing the way stock market discord servers are perceived with our consistent results and dedicated staff members. We are a community that takes pride in not just pushing out buy/sell alerts to members and expecting a sheep-like following, but instead equipping YOU with the necessary tools, strategies, and confidence required to lay the ground-work for success in this industry.

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