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Beast's Den

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Here to help you Never Pay Resell Again™️.

We pride ourselves in helping our clients to up their reselling side hustle. Just starting out? No problem! Our services will help you stay informed for the next sneaker release and other profitable items that we come up on.

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Beast Pinger
A customizable personal monitoring tool that is at your disposal 24/7
Release Information
We provide up-to-date information and guides on upcoming releases which covers anything from sneakers, electronics, etc.
24/7 Support
Our staff is always there when you need them! Got a question? Need help? We got you!
We monitor over 500 websites in our server. Pair that up with Beast Pinger, and you will not miss a restock or release!
Most Importantly
We see ourselves more than a community, we are a family. Let us welcome you to our Den, where we can grow and profit!
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5 out of 5
(26 reviews)
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8 months ago
Best to ever do it!!!!!!
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8 months ago
Worth every dollar. Been in the group for a long time. Very helpful and friendly staff. Information always on point. Features in the group are very useful as well. Money back easily. Best in the game!
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1 year ago
Never disappoints with all the information, staff is on top of there stuff. Made lots of money because of them. W group
What's a Cook Group?
Essentially, a Cook Group is a community of sneaker enthusiasts with the common goal to profit off of sneakers. But it doesn't end there, we aim to profit with a range of different items or products.
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Beast's Den
Reselling • General

26 reviews

Beast's Den is an exclusive, all-in-one reselling community that supports, enables and provides you with real-time limited product resale information through different markets and industries. Through our platform, we aim to help you cheat the concept of supply and demand, and in-turn guide you through new ways to profit while minimizing risks. Through our comprehensive information, services and tools, we aim to empower the everyday-person to a level where they 'Never Pay Resell Again'.

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