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BlueMoonTrades Premium

(14 reviews)

Empowering Consistent Option Trading Success with Premium Tools, Alerts & Community Support

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Leverage the power of trading with our Gold Pass, designed to optimize your options trading journey. Become part of a robust trading community centered towards consistently delivering success.

With this Gold Pass, receive 3-4 high quality option alerts each day, daily trade ideas, and unrivaled community support. Utilize our specially developed bots for triggered trading ideas and quick responses.

Disclaimer: BlueMoonTrades does not shoulder the liability for your gains or losses. Traders should always assume full risk on their accounts. We are not professional advisors nor do we trade for anyone, our service confines to providing Option Alerts and Trade ideas.

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Options Trading
Focus on some high quality set ups and send out an average of 3-4 alerts per day. Sometimes, could be 5
Trade ideas
Daily trade ideas are published for next day's play
Bots are set up to trigger ideas to the room that may convert to an alert sometimes
Daily & Weekly updates
Log is sent end of each day to show the plays & weekly results sent out
Direct messages
Messages from any member are answered quickly
Customer question & answers
Free trial
Free trials are available on 3 months, 6 months and 1 year plans only
Do you need run Discord to get trade alerts? Discord is not allowed on my computer.
Yes, you need to have discord on your laptop or mobile device. Most of the people use it on their phones so that they get alerts on the go But definitely you need discord somewhere to get the alerts
What’s your refund policy
You can always cancel before your next billing. But there is no refund policy
Customer reviews
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3 months ago
Great trades by BlueMoonTrades! awesome learning!
Purchased 10 months ago
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3 months ago
BMT great guy with charts!!
Purchased 3 months ago
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3 months ago
I’ve been a member for approx 2 months. It’s a great service in my opinion. The alerts are easy to act on. I’ve been very successful in my trades. The community chat is fun and interesting with plenty of good perspectives. Strongly recommend. Amazing value for your money!
Purchased 6 months ago
How do I manage my membership?
Your membership can be managed by logging into the whop dashboard via which you purchased your subscription. Use "login with discord" option to login to whop and see the pass you own and manage
Do I get a refund if I cancel?
You will not get any refund for the transaction that's complete. But in case you don't want to continue the membership, please cancel your subscription before the next renewal
What are the bots that you keep talking about?
The bots are created on a charting platform using some bullish / bearish criteria for long / short positions respectively. Some back tests have been conducted on these bots to provide optimal results When the criteria is met on the chart, a webhook triggers an alert to discord in a channel where members can see the entry and exit Having said that, the bot triggers are not same as the hand picked alerts by BlueMoonTrades. The option alerts with entries / exits and stops that BluemoonTrades alerts every day comes with Gold Pass Bots are manually managed by BlueMoonTrades
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BlueMoonTrades Premium
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14 reviews

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Building a strong community of Option Traders to achive consistency

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