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Boogie's Bando

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Live Trading, Signals, 5 Studies Per Week, Learn New Models & Strategies

Get access to live trading, callouts, studies, 1on1 mentorship, monthly guest speaker,
team backtesting & more.

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The 1%

Live Trading
Get access to all trades I take on probable days through live trading.
Get access to all trades I take through signals.
3x studies per week going over ICT concepts, models, strategies & more.
Market Recap
Daily Recaps Going Over Trades That Were Taken
Group Backtesting
Get access to my insights through group backtesting hosted every week.
Monthly Guest Speaker
Get insights from high earning entrepreneurs & hear their stories.
1on1 Mentorship
First 15 students will receive access to 2 hours of undisturbed 1on1 mentorship.
24/7 Support
Is there a problem with something? Contact me and we'll get it fixed.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(8 reviews)
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5 months ago
Great server, very active and boogie himself shares great knowledge about trading and how to teach it.
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6 months ago
I love boogies bando! I’ve been trading for more or less one year now. Most of the problems I encountered are how boring and un motivating the lonely job of trading may be. Boogies bando solves that problem for me. The respectful smart and eager to learn community, makes the journey feel a lot less lonely. A healthy community is rarely seen in trading discords, often filled with toxic, unintelligent and annoying kids that distract the traders that want to learn to be profitable. Boogies bando is the polar opposite of the stereotypical trading discord. Boogie is always answering everyone’s questions as quick as possible. Getting to the meat and potatoes. Boogies bando provides great studies, backtesting sessions and callouts that adapt to both beginners and advanced traders, everyone can learn in boogies discord thanks to his chameleon style of teaching.
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6 months ago
server is extremely helpful and i highly recommend to any and everyone who wants to start learning ICT. boogie goes over not only the basics but the more in depth concepts that aren’t spoken about as much. he is also extremely active and answers all questions.
What does the subscription include?
You get 5 studies per week, access to live trading forex and futures, daily recaps, and high win-rate signals.
Is it beginner-friendly?
All levels of understanding of the market are welcome. The promise is to get all members to achieve the same elite understanding of how the market moves/works.
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The Bando
Trading • Investing

8 reviews

Deepen your understanding of the market

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