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Caleb Props

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Sports handicapper

This package includes:

-ALL daily PrizePicks plays including: NUKE💣 plays, 2-man plays, 4-man plays, 5-man plays, etc.

-Daily unit tracking 📈

-Daily giveaways! 💰

-By FAR the most fun and profitable Discord community in the industry! 🤑

Completing your purchase to Caleb Picks VIP means you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions, including our cancellation and refund policy. All sales final. Refund requests are accepted but not guaranteed.

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Expert analysis
Daily analysis breaking down our favorite props of the day!
Customer question & answers
When do he drop the picks
Plays are posted throughout the day!
Answered 5 months ago
Customer reviews
4.66 out of 5
(72 reviews)
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10d ago
I feel like they don't put much if it all any research into their picks most of their LoL picks are soo inconsistent on their ad on Instagram it's misleading they make you think they're hitting hella picks but sometimes they don't even hit any picks they put out somedays so just be worry don't get roped in thinking you're gonna make hella bread
Purchased Caleb Props VIP Access 1 month ago
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15d ago
I gotta see it to believe it
Purchased Caleb Props Free Discord Access 16d ago
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15d ago
None of the picks ever win. They rarely win
Purchased Caleb Props VIP Access 22d ago
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Caleb Picks
Sports Picks • General
Welcome to the Caleb Picks VIP Discord service! While we mainly specialize in tennis, we provide plays for ALL sports! By FAR the most fun and profitable Discord community in the industry! 🤑 +352.82U in 2023! Let's cash some tickets!💰

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