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The Capitol

(19 reviews)

An exclusive group dedicated strictly to making money

This is access for the first 100 subscribers to The Capitol - Discounted pricing alongside other OG benefits such as early access to private presales, whitelists, giveaways, and more!

What we're known for. We provide some of the most exclusive shitcoin/memecoin alpha.
AI Caller System
Our proprietary AI calling system that automatically notifies members on coins that are prone to do well, with low risk.
Solid crypto futures calls from staff with 90% win rate and are crypto whales themselves.
Airdrop loops and guides which can help you make money out of thin air, without spending a dime.
Exclusive Trading Community
Numerous trading experts in our community who share their alpha with members and help other's make money.
Applications & Bots
Applications, Bots, and Monitors dedicated to make your trading experience better.
24/7 Support
An international staff who is dedicated to making your life easier and your experience in The Capitol smooth.
Educational Resources
Step by step guides on how to get started on trading the calls we offer. All new members are welcome to come and learn.
Customer Q&A
Q: Is it legit
A: Yes, our services are 100% legit.
Asked on Aug 7, 2023
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(19 reviews)
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8 months ago
Been in many discord groups but The Capitol is far the best for active chat and value for money, can’t go wrong joining this group !
8 months ago
Great community!
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9 months ago
Amazing Group
Do you offer just crypto?
No, The Capitol offers multiple features such as sports betting and NFTs to help make you money.
How do I get customer support?
If you are in our discord server, head to #🔖│support-tickets and create a ticket by clicking any of the options in that channel.
What is your cancelation policy?
Canceling your subscription is easy with the Whop Dashboard. It is up to you to cancel your subscription before your invoice date if you do not wish to be charged.
What is the refund policy for memberships?
We do not offer refunds for membership services.
What are the payment methods accepted for memberships?
You can pay for the membership using USD or Crypto (Ethereum).
About the seller
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The Capitol
Trading • Crypto

19 reviews

Gain access to an immensely lucrative crypto money-making group, offering an unparalleled opportunity of making money in the crypto space. Explore the enticing features we offer to understand our value.

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