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Captain Crunch's Sports Hub

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Make Money, Enjoy Sports

  • The world's best sports analytics group - staff have years of experience ⏰

  • Sports analysis picks for ALL major sports πŸˆπŸ€

  • Round the clock support with access to specialized analysts πŸ”₯

  • Premium members-only community chat πŸ‘₯

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Early Plays
One of our main perks is that we post our plays early! Don't worry about missing one of our plays!
Multiple Slips
We post slips for both PrizePicks and Moneylines to ensure you're getting the most value for money!
Researched Picks
All of our analysts have spent hours researching statistics to create their plays
We have a bot that allows you to see all og the injury updates for upcoming games!
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Customer reviews
4.72 out of 5
(43 reviews)
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4 months ago
Captain crunch’s discord is hands down the best sporting picks discord I have ever joined. I have joined multiple and never have seen any like his. I currently dropped out of the other ones I was in because there was no point on having multiple ones this discord allows you to make your membership right back and profit a lot more with a inexpensive membership. The team ( Mods) in Caps discord are hands down the best of the best as well they analyze each game before sending there slips to make sure they bring us to a victory and cash us all out! You don’t have to know anything about sports to bet with the team because they do all the work. All you do is sit back and copy the link of there slip its that easy. Hardest part is just waiting for the game to be over to cash out! The community in the discord is very friendly with a couple of people who also have good experience, helping you out on giving you tips before entering a slip making sure your slip is as strongest it can be. I definitely recommend this to all my friends and family even the ones reading this review I can not tell you enough how good this discord is. I started off with buying the daily membership and noticed huge gains and I am now a monthly member for caps discord. Best investment I have made so far. Don’t be afraid on joining you won’t regret it. Join the free discord they have for you to check out the # πŸ’΅ Winners tab to show you how much profit we make through out the day not only that but he also gives a free pick of the day. Not a whole lot of discords offer near as much as Caps including the cheap price he gives for everything you get in that discord. -Drexso
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4 months ago
Holy captain crunch flavor flave πŸ˜‚this discord is legitimately the best. The community in this discord is so active, when bets are live you have a community chat with, about the game going on so your not by yourself. Money management is a tuff shell to crack but in here we manage, to the point if we’re down we’re still up from all the nuke wins. We all trust captain crunch slips, so just have some faith and if you’re reading this right now and not a member tap in. You will profit more than what the subscription cost you. Nothing is guaranteed but your money growth is over HERE. Secure the bag and be a little captain; get rich like the real captain.
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4 months ago
Well. I just want to say that it's a good experience to be on this group. I first got the daily subscription to tried it for a couple of days. To weekly. Just know I upgraded to monthly. This group is great. Different opinions on games. But most importantly everyone talks about every sport. Captain. Crunch is here for us to make us some $$$. So I'm gonna be here for a good while πŸ‘
How do I get my Discord Role?
After you purchase your membership, you are prompted to claim your roles, once you claim roles and connect your discord you will automatically be able to access all channels within the discord!
About the seller
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Captain Crunch's Sports Betting Hub
Sports Picks β€’ General

43 reviews

Captain Crunch's Sports Betting Hub is on Discord and has just begun its journey with top sports analyst providing picks. Analysts are the best in their field and normally specialise on in making members the most money.πŸ’° Handicappers so far have been hitting 75% of the picks, on top of providing great odds! πŸ“Š There’s also a community where you can engage with everyone and share picks, wins and losses πŸ’Έ

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