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Cavalry Tribe

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πŸ”± The First Exclusive Live Trading Community in the Philippines: For the Resolute.

Welcome to the CT Community!

Here, you will gain access to the free side of our Discord beyond having the best trading community, we offer abundant educational content, including daily trade recaps, recommended content to watch, detailed descriptions of various concepts and models, valuable psychology tips, and occasional free live streams.

Join an insightful community where you will grow as a trader and an individual!

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🌏 CT Community

Master The Art of Trading
Trading journal, essential concepts, curated content, psychology tips, and a complete beginner's guide.
Exclusive Trading Community
Active trading community where trade ideas are posted, questions are answered, and connections are made.
1-on-1 Coaching
Learn how to trade, improve your mindset, and be a better trader with our 1-on-1 coaching.
Charting Sessions
Market recap, psychology discussions, and live backtesting every night Monday - Friday and Sunday at 9:30 PM PHT
LIVE Trading
Watch and trade alongside Daniel every day Monday - Friday at 2:00 PM PHT
Trading Alerts
Receive signals every day during London and New York AM Sessions
24/7 Support
Ticket System to ask Daniel and moderators any questions you may have regarding trading.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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1 month ago
I always enjoy their daily streams and listening to their advice on the market. They have helped me build a lot of confidence within my trading and opened me up to their trading strategy. Good sense of community in here as well
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1 month ago
Started learning futures about 3 months ago after trading options the last two years, and joined CT about a month ago. This server has made the transition super easy between the charting sessions/recordings and even the live trading each morning, everything is to the point and makes it simple to learn the concepts. I think the community is what really separates it from other servers, there's so many super knowledgeable people in here who help everyone out and chat always keeps things fun. If you actually put in the work there is absolutely every resource needed in here to become profitable as a trader.
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1 month ago
One of the best communities out there. So much educational content provided day & night by Daniel. It is immediately apparent how knowledgeable and passionate this man is by how he engage with the community. He share valuable lessons in psychology and provide insights into their strategy, and are very friendly to answer any question one may have. The server as a whole, the owners and the members, is extremely entertaining as well. There have been moments that have brought me so much laughter to induce stomach pain.
I’m new to trading, any recommendations you guys have for beginners?
Certainly! In our Discord, we have an education category that encompasses a variety of content suitable for all levels.
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Cavalry Tribe
Trading β€’ Futures

5 reviews

CT is an exclusive trading community for all levels, from beginners to professional traders. Our community is where profitable traders are made.

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