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Learn a complete trading system


  • Daytrades
  • Swing Trades
  • Option Idea's
  • Group Calls
  • Weekly Watchlist
  • AI Trading Bot

You are paying for education, not financial advice. Content in premium will change over time.

All sales are final, no refunds as you get a TON of content upon signup.

Lifetimes (no longer offered) guarantee service personally chosen by ChampionVibe for 3 years. That service is subject change in terms of what content is provided.

Annuals guarantee service personally chosen by ChampionVibe for 1 year. That service is subject change in terms of what content is provided.

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Premium Daytrader

High Options Win-rate
Our community has one of the highest options win-rates. Our priority is winning consistently.
Swing Trades
We provide you with research based swing trades. These are distributed multiple times each month.
Group Calls
Unlock weekly group calls that are focused on educating you for the long term to become a fundamentally better trader.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(9 reviews)
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7 months ago
His guides on X have given me more confidence in trading setups. Specifically having trouble in the past with entry points, stop loss positioning and profit taking. I’m excited to learn more.
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10 months ago
If one seeks knowledge from a mentor, to streamline their education or enhance their skillset; I believe they will find that here. I could write a novel detailing the plethora of great things regarding Champ; his knowledge, ability/desire to learn/teach, his discord Mods, FTM in general, and my journey. But the market opens soon; and I have trade plans to prepare for. I will note this, though; no matter how many times I have stumbled in my journey...Champ (and his team) was always right there to pick me back up and help guide me back to my feet. Onward!
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a year ago
Great community, great education. Champ is one of the best when it comes to TA, and you will get everything from alerts to an endless amount of resources to learn for yourself.
Should I join if I work a full time job?
Yes! There is something for everyone, swing trades that can take weeks, daytrades with options, weekly watchlists every weekend, and all webinars take place on the weekend.
What is your winrate?
It fluctuates over time but as of may 17, 2023: I recorded an 80% winrate for the 45 most recent option trades alerted (all timestamped)
What's the catch?
The only catch is that this is not a get rich quick scheme, I am not in the business of gambling, the main focus of this service is to provide the education needed to perform better in the markets long term. I want to change peoples lives, but good things take time.
How many alerts are given every week?
Depends on the market conditions, but usually 1-2 swing trades are alerted per week, and 3-5 option daytrades, as well as a watchlist sent out every weekend.
About the seller
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Trading • Stocks

9 reviews

I have been studying the markets since 2016 and started sharing my thoughts online in 2019. I have spent time working on the floor at the New York Stock Exchange and through various mentorships and programs have created my own trading system to share with all of you! Leader of the Free Trading Movement, TradingView Partner, YouTube Streamer. You must have auto-renew enabled to stay locked in at the price you signed up at, if you cancel your membership you will no longer be grandfathered in. Myself and any other members in the discord server are not liable or responsible for any financial losses you incur. All ideas are simply my opinions on technicals or stocks, they are not investment advice, they are not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. The charts and contents provided should be looked at, as more of education in terms of what charts and tickers I feel look good. Any buys or sells you make are completely your decision, do all of your own research before entering any trades. I am sharing my thoughts, not advice. Any idea I share has a chance of not working out, and some will NOT work out. You are paying for education, not advice. If you are found to be sharing any premium contents with people not in premium, you will be banned from the service. Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis are not certainty. Sometimes I am personally in idea's I share, sometimes I am not. No results are guaranteed and past results are not always indicative of future results. With trading and investing there is a possibility of losing money equal to, or greater than, the principal amount invested. Exact 'entry' and 'exit' prices shared, are simply for educational as well as entertainment purposes, based on charts, they are not me telling you to buy or sell any asset. FURTHER, YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT (“ChampionVibe” / “Free Trading Movement" / "ZEEK4BLEEK" / "papastrada"), ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES, MEMBER(S), AND THE LIKE, SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE, OF ANY KIND, DIRECT OR INDIRECT, IN CONNECTION WITH, OR ARISING FROM, USE OF EDUCATIONAL OR INFORMATIONAL SERVICES PROVIDED AS PART OF ITS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. Refunds can be denied as you gain access to exclusive content upon signing up, if you have any questions about the service please ask before signing up. There is a chance of sales and promotions occurring at any point, although the regular prices will typically not lower over time. Lifetime is defined by the life of this premium service, there are no plans as of right now to end it, but there is a small possibility of that one day happening in the future. As long as the lifetime option is available on this page, you are guaranteed up to 3 years of service, however after 3 years I cannot promise the continuation just in case some other personal events take place in my life.

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