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The key to making internet money

welcome to CHTrades Premium Discord + Strategy section.

In this group you will get the following;

  • Access to CHTrades strategy breakdown that has 88% win rate
  • Includes PDF rule set and video explanations
  • Daily trading commentary in an open community where traders help each other learn
  • Setup breakdown and analysis in live time but AFTER the trade has played out. This way we ensure people learn the model and not signal bot.
  • 1-1 Strategy help from CHTrades and access to his private inbox help service.
  • Daily video reviews on all valid setups that appear that day
  • Weekly outlook for the following weeks and what people should focus on.
  • Additional educational content voted by the members on what content they would like more help on.

This strategy is not 100% mechanical, but it is as close as mechanical you will get whilst maintaining a super high win rate. the model has entry rules exit rules and certain trading conditions that dictates when we trade. the setups appear any time of day from London open to NY close and there is approx 5-10 setups per day that appear.

The best way to trade this model is by taking 1 A+ setup per day and ending the day with 100% win rate.

The group is strongly driven towards mastering the correct trading mindset and Discipline as this will be the key to most peoples profitability

Every trade i place personally will be sent to premium chat for everyone see and people have access to every trade setup that CHtrades deems A+.

CHTrades prides himself on not letting ANYONE fail. we send out messages to members personally checking they are fully understanding everything and if they need any extra help.

Think of this group as an all inclusive mentorship where you have access to everything needed to turn you profitable with unlimited amounts of 1-1 help and support.

The group is not financial advice, this is simply me sharing with you what i do and is for educational purposes.

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CHTrades Premium

24/7 Support
offer support 24/7 (as long as I am not sleeping) if you DM me through twitter
Live Trading
live Trades + Commentary , live market conditions reviews, tips and tricks on strategy.
Customer Q&A
Q: 1. what is the content of CHTrades Group. Are the concepts explained as shown in https://twitter.com/ChtradesI96125/status/1744468185527484559?
A: 3 strategy rules. That I have traded successfully in the past. Currently trading one of the 3 and has 70% win rate
Asked on Jan 15, 2024
Q: 2. Can I pay by PayPal?
A: I don’t have that facility at the moment mate sorry
Asked on Jan 15, 2024
Q: i dont have access to a 30s chart, can the strat be used on any timeframe?
A: it can work on any time frame, once you learn the entry rules it will work just the same on the 1m chart. i only use 30s as i like to be quickly in and out. nothing to stop you using 1m so you will be fine
Asked on Apr 2, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(6 reviews)
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4d ago
From day one the engagement and assistance was on point. Strategy is easy to grasp, and there is alot of assistance and guidance to make sure everyone understands and executes according to the rules.
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1 month ago
Just passed my 50k evaluation in 2 days with the strategy! Its legit. Thanks CH
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1 month ago
A simple but verry effective strategy. Making overthinking less likely. Simply the best I've found so far. I also love how active CHTrades is in the Discord. If you have questions about certain setups, you'll get answered quickly. I just got my first funded after two months in the group. I'm hoping to keep learning and improving.
Refund Policy
if you pay, you get a month. No refunds. I am expecting serious inquiries, not trials.
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Trading • General

6 reviews

I trade using my own scalping strategy that i have created using 3 years of ICT knowledge. I am working on making you self-sustainable for the future using my concepts, the best concepts in the game!

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