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Customer Q&A
Q: If I buy the basic package first, can I upgrade to later? And the payment will be the price gap or pay in full?
A: Hey Xanax, this is a little harder to action under the current structure. However I'd be happy to sort this with you independently if it's something you wanted to do, I just wouldn't be able to do it through the store route.
Asked on Nov 13, 2023
Q: I want to learn how to scalp on the 5 minute time frame. Will this package include on how to scalp aggressively on the lower time frames. Cheers,
A: Hey! So the course will set you up with the framework for the system and approach you will need to take. It's helpful that you're already able to assess which timeframe you'd like to use and the style you'd like to have. The foundations will be given in your expectations, what you can achieve, psychology, system creation etc.
Asked on Nov 8, 2023
Q: I will buy the Haven club and wait till January, thanks for the quick responses :)
A: A pleasure Dave, thanks for enquiring.
Asked on Nov 14, 2023
Q: Hey, I want to sign up for your course. Do you accept crypto as payment?
A: Hey Buzz, Thanks for your interest. I can't take crypto payments for pre-orders as there is no holding process for the payment. However once the product is live you'll be able to pay with crypto.
Asked on Nov 9, 2023
Q: Will you have trading challenges and other stuff like that in this discord group as well?
A: Hey, we'll be having a lot of things going on in the group, challenges, competitions, weekly awards, seminar work, lots of action to come.
Asked on Nov 17, 2023
Q: Is there a cap on the amount of people you will be letting into the class? Even after January?
A: Hey Fish. Yes the Ultimate Tier will be capped as this is a smaller group that I'm looking to do more with. I don't know what the cap will be because I don't know how active the members will be. For example, if I have 200 members, but only 25 want to chat actively that's a difference from 150 members with 150 chatting actively. Silver/Gold will remain open always. Ultimate will be limited and unlocked as I get a better feel for what's manageable.
Asked on Nov 21, 2023
Q: i want to pre-order the ultimate but i only have crypto on january is the price gonna still b the same
A: Yes, I will be providing a window of time where the prize will be frozen to allow all those who want to pay with crypto access to the product at the same price as the pre-order! Thanks for the interest!
Asked on Nov 24, 2023
Q: Any chance of getting access to the gold tier now? Waiting till January makes sense but also sucks with the current market for me
A: Unfortunately not Dave, I've got to wait until that January release for everyone. Sorry to keep you waiting - you could look at coming and joining us in The Haven for education/discussion until then? Apologies for that!
Asked on Nov 14, 2023
Q: Is the basic out now, or are they all being released in January ? Thanks
A: Hey, everything will be released in January!
Asked on Nov 17, 2023
Q: Does the foundation course work for tradfi? Also on the ultimate tier (livestream, Q&A and educational streams), would tradi markets be covered?
A: Hey man, yeah I'll be covering off everything there and the course although crypto focused is applicable to tradfi in the system and psychology pieces.
Asked on Nov 19, 2023
Q: on discord (silver). Could I ask you some technical questions so you can answer whenever you feel like it? or only between members
A: Of course you can! I won't be ignoring anyone!
Asked on Dec 6, 2023
Q: Will there be a window to make sure there is enough funds available for the payment if selected.
A: Hey man, absolutely I'll be making sure that there is plenty of communication around the billing date to ensure everyone has a heads up around when that is and when things will be processed.
Asked on Dec 16, 2023
Q: Would I remain on the waitlist for the ultimate tier until you decide how saturated the Discord will be? (Assuming I’m at the end of the waitlist)
A: Hey man, once you're on the waitlist, you're in! I won't be preventing any access to the tiers, simply put if you signed up, you will be in.
Asked on Dec 22, 2023
Q: Hello CBS, At what level or figures should your capital be to consider even take the educational curse to trade and eventually become a trader?
A: Hey man, that's a really subjective question and quite difficult to answer. It all depends on you individually, are you looking to learn the skills now for the future, do you want to try on your own to grow things first. There's no right answer I can give to the starting capital topic. All I'll say is that make sure you have enough capital free and any educational option you choose doesn't eat too much into that!
Asked on Dec 23, 2023
Q: hi CBS, I´m in the ultimate waitlist, should I join a discord server before the official launch? thanks!
A: No Discord active until launch! Then everything happens all at once!
Asked on Jan 2, 2024
Q: Hi! I saw the list of topics that you will share on the Foundation. Will you update the materials or it will stay as is? can we ask other topic?
A: Hey man, the list of topics is fixed. But that's the reason for the Discord, so that we can have ongoing education on a range of topics and thoughts. So if it's not covered in the core content, it doesn't mean we can't discuss it, that will just happen in the discord setting.
Asked on Jan 9, 2024
Q: I want to purchase the Ultimate Option. I see a pay option or a join the list option that says I will get charged if I get accepted how does it work?
A: Hey man, the waitlist now allows you to put your details in at this stage to get the pre-order price. Your card won't be charged until the course goes live. At this point it is a holding point until payment is taken on the official launch (very soon now)
Asked on Jan 11, 2024
Q: Is “you’re on the waitlist” the final step until January?
A: It is indeed! I'll be seeing you soon!
Asked on Nov 18, 2023
Q: Whats the difference between haven discord and the ultimate tier discord?
A: Hey, this was included in the FAQs. The Haven is a place for all my signals, my portfolio, my discussion, my content creation that is unplanned, my market updates. The Foundation is a structured educational process, bespoke content, education only and seminars/working groups with members.
Asked on Nov 21, 2023
Q: Do the videos have or can you activate subtitles?
A: Hey absolutely I can enable subtitles and I can also provide some scripts for the material if that will assist as well.
Asked on Nov 21, 2023
Q: I can enabl subs and I can also provide scripts for the material You told me this, do you only sub English? and what do you mean by scripts? Thx boss
A: English is the easiest but I can try to facilitate something else. And I mean I can provide the written scripts/slides for you as reference if it helps as well.
Asked on Nov 29, 2023
Q: Are prices in USD?
A: Prices are USD yes.
Asked on Nov 23, 2023
Q: I see in the ultimate package that you will be doing live sessions. Will these be recorded? Want to know as I might Be working. Thanks
A: All content for the group will be recorded and accessible any time. There will also be content recorded in which you can pose questions and I will answer them. So if you can't make it to a session you should be covered on all fronts.
Asked on Nov 23, 2023
Q: Is it correct that you are placed on a waiting list? If so when will everything be released?
A: Hey Dave, that's correct for now. The full package is released in the first week of January. Right now I'm doing pre-orders to secure spots for the Ultimate Tier, get a gauge of interest/numbers and to make sure that we actually have people in the Discord when the product is live instead of them drip-feeding in once live! Let me know if you have any other questions.
Asked on Nov 14, 2023