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Crypto Galaxy

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Buy Cryptos BEFORE They Pump and Retire Early

Get my video course to learn my methods. Find 100x micro cap gems before they pump. Access to a private discord community of gem hunters.

  • Where To Find New Cryptos

  • 100x Criteria

  • The 6 Best Fundamentals

  • Read Charts In Under 5 Seconds

  • How To Research Tokenomics

  • Create Your Millionaire Portfolio

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Online course

7-Step Method

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7-Step Method

Early Access To New 100x Gems
Buy & Sell Alerts
Futures Trading Group
Degen Trading Group
Private Livestreams
Beginner Friendly Community
24/7 Support
Wallet & Exchange PDF Guides
Customer Q&A
Q: Is there a prom code for vip membership
A: Yes, the code is SAVE20.
Asked on Nov 3, 2023
Q: hey bro am planning to sub annualy,and am wondering if do so from ur link (to avoid vat)am i going to use it from patreon website or from here?
A: Join here through my website to avoid VAT tax.
Asked on Nov 26, 2023
Q: Hi there. What is the cancellation policy?
A: You can cancel at any time. -CG
Asked on Jan 6, 2024
Q: How do I pay with crypto?
A: Select the crypto option (labeled Coinbase) at checkout on whop. You do NOT need a Coinbase account. Coinbase is the crypto payment gateway. Connect Metamask, Onekey, Coinbase Wallet, or any other wallet supported by WalletConnect. Choose from several cryptos on the ETH and MATIC networks. You can buy bundles, video courses, and lifetime memberships with crypto (NOT monthly/yearly memberships). If it's not working, email me at john@cryptogalaxy.com. -CG
Asked on Feb 29, 2024
Q: Hi! I would like to clarify if the monthly deduction is made every 30 days or at the beginning of every month.
A: Every 30 days.
Asked on Nov 20, 2023
Customer reviews
4.94 out of 5
(101 reviews)
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2 hours ago
CG has more than made enough money for your investments on his picks. I've been watching him for almost a year and he's my go to guy for picks and trends. He adjust his trades based on the performance and trends in the market. His youtube channel already provides lot of free alpha and his discord will provide even more. Just do what he tells you and you'll be fine. Thank you CG!
User avatar
3 hours ago
Excellent work by CG. Have joined membership past 6 months have found lot of gems and knowledge in crypto.For sure we need to follow CG and community members to make good profits and millions.... Continue the good work Crypto galaxy...
User avatar
9 hours ago
CG - you remind me of Jim Cramer's Mad Money. You're very knowledgeable, thorough, careful, and entertaining. However, One big difference is that the crypto market has much more potential for 100x gains, and you finds them and share. I hope we get to meet in person some day so I can shake your hand and thank you! Credit Spread
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Crypto Galaxy
Trading β€’ Crypto

101 reviews

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Crypto Galaxy is an investor and social media influencer.

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