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Customer Q&A
Q: Is there a prom code for vip membership
A: Yes, the code is SAVE20.
Asked on Nov 3, 2023
Q: Hi, does the $129 p/m include 'early access to new and low cap gems'?
A: Yes.
Asked on Apr 18, 2024
Q: How do I pay with crypto?
A: You can pay with crypto via email. Contact support@cryptogalaxy.com.
Asked on Feb 29, 2024
Q: hey bro am planning to sub annualy,and am wondering if do so from ur link (to avoid vat)am i going to use it from patreon website or from here?
A: You can get any of my products without VAT tax here on whop.
Asked on Nov 26, 2023
Q: Hi there. What is the cancellation policy?
A: You can cancel at any time. Contact support@cryptogalaxy.com for assistance.
Asked on Jan 6, 2024
Q: any promo code available at the moment?
A: Yes. Use promo code SAVE20.
Asked on Mar 23, 2024
Q: Do you do memecoin and sh*tcoin trading with eth or sol?
A: Great question. We do trading on both ETH and SOL. We trade on other chains as well.
Asked on May 19, 2024
Q: How much money do I need to start?
A: Excellent question. Typically beginners start investing with at least $1000.
Asked on Apr 9, 2024
Q: Hi! I would like to clarify if the monthly deduction is made every 30 days or at the beginning of every month.
A: It's every 30 days from the date of your purchase.
Asked on Nov 20, 2023
Q: Do you accept PayPal as a form of payment?
A: Yes.
Asked on Jun 21, 2024
Q: Hi has the feature to pay with weth gone? I just swapped to weth and tried to pay in checkout but there's no option. There was yesterday. Please help
A: CG accepts crypto payments via email. Contact support@cryptogalaxy.com.
Asked on Oct 21, 2023
Q: Can i pay with with mexc account usdt?
A: Email support@cryptogalaxy.com
Asked on Jun 17, 2024