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(49 reviews)

Trade, Grow & Fill your bags!

Our aim is to ensure that the value you receive from your membership far exceeds its cost every month.

What your Ultra Bull Membership Includes:

πŸš€ Trade Alerts with signals
πŸš€ Passive Income Plays
πŸš€ Seed Round & VC Prices on Projects
πŸš€ NEW Vetted Projects & Exclusive Whitelist's
πŸš€ Crypto Portfolios
πŸš€ Bitcoin Ordinal Trades
πŸš€ Short/Long Trades
πŸš€ Technical Analysis
πŸš€ (Degen) High Risk, High Reward Plays
πŸš€ Constant Crypto Updates
πŸš€ Latest Airdrop Guides
πŸš€ Massive Crypto Education

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Crypto Trades
Trade Signals/Alerts With Buy & Sell signals
Passive Income Strategies
Discover lucrative passive income strategies starting with just $50.
New Crypto Projects
New vetted Projects with super early opportunities
TA & Short/Long Trades
Daily technical analysis, lucrative short & long trades
Bitcoin Ordinals & Airdrops
New BTC Ordinal Drops & Crypto Airdrop Alerts & Guides
Daily Crypto Streams & News
Live Up-to-Date Crypto News
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(49 reviews)
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6 days ago
I have been a member of this community since 2021. We have been through the highs and lows since the last bull run and shared out successes and mistakes together. We are now ready for the next bull run more disciplined and patient than before. The learnings from this community has been invaluable and also made like minded friends. It doesn't matter what areas of cryptos are you are interested in, most are covered by very knowledgeable members, whether it be new project research, node projects (I mean the real kind lol) as well as trading, gaming, AI and airdrops. This list is endless. Nothing to lose by trying out the free trial days to realise the value of this community as it is active 24x7. Good luck everyone!
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9 days ago
I have been in Cryptonairz for about 6 weeks. I hesitate to say this as it sounds like a commercial but I have covered the cost of membership at least 20 times with minimal investment. Really appreciate the bi-weekly β€œEverything you need to know” video meetings run by Crypto Sensei. Last, he has just enabled us to get into projects during pre-launch-pad phase via the Hourglass platform. I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see how some of these investments pan out! I hope as Cryptonairz grows they can maintain this family-like community. So far … simply awesome!
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22 days ago
Amazing community with even more amazing results. A lot of new information every day. I got into to opportunities that I would never hear about if I were not here. The motor of this community is Crypto Sensei who is really trying to answer all messages and all chats . He wants everyone to succeed which is rare these times. Weekly live AMAs are packed with good info and opportunities are worth way more than monthly fee as it can make you thousands and thousands if you apply .
Hi, just paid for the membership but not sure how to find access to the Discord?
Follow these steps please! Go to whop.com Click 3 lines on the top right Click "your hub" Click Cryptonairz Then click "claim your discord role"
Why this community over others?
We offer real quality trades with super early opportunities, We alert every buy and sell & we are organized.
About the seller
Trading β€’ Crypto

49 reviews

Join an enthusiastic crypto community with hundreds of like-minded people where you can grow your knowledge and experience in crypto. The Cryptonairz community comes together to help each other with any crypto related questions or issues. Our emphasis is on helping individuals learn and grow in the crypto space while at the same time growing to become the biggest crypto community in the world. With our amazing community members and top notch researchers we will guide you in your crypto journey.

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