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Defy The Odds

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VIP community for sports fans. Formerly known as Clicky Clicky.

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Customer question & answers
I paid through Apple Pay but there was an error and I was not able to get access, please help.
if you are still having issues please reach out via twitter support or email. Have a blessed day.
Answered 9 months ago
Card keeps declining when trying to sign up
Try refreshing the page if nothing happens feel free to reach out. Have a blessed day.
Answered 9 months ago
Customer reviews
4.85 out of 5
(98 reviews)
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8d ago
Love this discord an most of the time plays are really good
Purchased DTO Monthly Tier 9d ago
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17d ago
I’ve been in multiple different communities for sports gambling, all of them have ups and downs. You will never find one that is always going to be perfect. If betting was easy, everyone would do it. I appreciate the work these cappers do and they also are losing money too so it’s not like they’re making stuff up. If you’re going to write a review because you haven’t made money then you’re either spending too much or you’re only looking at one or two specific sports
Purchased DTO Monthly Tier 4 months ago
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1 month ago
Horrible month throughout the discord. Cappers leave a weekly recap of units loss/won. Ultimately none of them were consistent. They were not transparent on twitter and ultimately lost lots of units. Onto the next discord.
Purchased Defy The Odds Premium Access 2 months ago
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Sports Picks • General

98 reviews

Expert Sports Consultants-Bankroll Management-Weekly Recaps-Coverage on all Pro and Collegiate Sports Daily sports talks in various channels-No Refunds All Sales Are Final-You cannot take plays (Information being posted) and send them out to any other platform.

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