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Dream Big, Trade Smart

Why the Digital Market Insight’s Dream Indicator Blends Sixteen Technical Indicators Analyzing markets can be overwhelming with so many technical indicators available. Choosing the right ones and combining them effectively can be a challenge. This indicator simplifies this by leveraging the power of collaboration.

Unleashing the power of automation, Digital Market Insight's Dream Indicator simplifies both day trading and long-term investing by automatically generating buy and sell signals.

This user-friendly indicator simplifies everything, making it easy to identify profitable trades where other indicators usually fall short.

Instead of relying on a few popular indicators, the Digital Market Insight’s Dream Indicator incorporates sixteen diverse metrics. Each offers unique insights into different aspects of market behavior, giving you a complete picture that goes beyond what any single indicator can provide.

Combining indicators that analyze trends, momentum, volume, and volatility allows you to see the market from different angles. This combination creates a powerful tool that can uncover opportunities missed by traditional indicators.

Digital Market Insight’s Dream Indicator uses sophisticated algorithms to balance the influence of each individual indicator. This ensures that no single metric dominates the analysis, providing a more objective perspective.

In short, Digital Market Insight’s Dream Indicator makes the complex task of choosing and combining indicators seamless and automated. This allows traders of all experience levels to benefit from powerful technical analysis, unlocking potentially profitable opportunities they might have missed otherwise.

Leveraging sixteen popular technical indicators, the Dream Indicator from Digital Market Insight meticulously dissects trends, momentum, volume, and volatility to offer comprehensive market insights. Inspired by the Relative Strength Index (RSI), it scales these indicators and identifies breakouts with optimized overbought and underbought thresholds. This combined data is compared to the security, generating a divergence line. The line's magnitude and speed are monitored, leading to the creation of buy and sell signals.

The following is a list of the sixteen indicators that it tracks:

  • Parabolic SAR
  • Directional Movement Index
  • Chande Momentum Oscillator
  • Commodity Channel Index
  • Volume-Weighted Average Price
  • On-Balanced Volume
  • Money Flow Index
  • Relative Strength Index
  • Moving average convergence divergence
  • Bollinger Band
  • Stochastic
  • True Strength Index
  • Chaikin Money Flow
  • Williams %R
  • Sentiment
  • Supertrend

While the combination of technical indicators is intriguing, the Dream Indicator's true power lies in its dynamic false signal suppression settings. This system can adapt to frequent market changes in real-time, allowing for a nuanced understanding of market direction. Imagine a rapid price swing triggered by a news announcement. While other indicators provide static signals, the Dream Indicator takes a dynamic approach. By offering multiple adjustable factors, it allows users to customize the indicator to their specific needs and preferences, potentially revealing deeper insights into market trends.

The following is the list of suppression settings:

  • Suppress Using an SMA Window? Size? This suppresses when the security price varies outside a simple moving average window. The window size can be adjusted.

  • Suppress Using Supertrend Direction? Factor? This suppresses when the Supertrend’s direction, increasing or decreasing, is contrary to the security’s gain. The Supertrends factor can be adjusted.

  • Suppress Using Security ROC? ROC? This suppresses when the security’s rate of change (ROC) is above a selectable value.

  • Suppress Unfavorable Convergence/Divergence? The buy alert is suppressed when the faster exponential moving average is less than the slower exponential moving average for both the sentiment and standard MACD. The sell alert is suppressed when the slower exponential moving average is less than the faster exponential moving average for both the sentiment and standard MACD.

  • Suppress Unfavorable Trending Sentiment? This suppresses buy alerts when the sentiment value is lowering and its value is currently below zero. This suppresses sell alerts when the sentiment value is rising and its value is currently above zero.

  • Suppress Using Contrary Accumulated Forecast? Suppress when the combined buy/sell signal is contrary to the security trend.

  • Don’t Suppress First Alert? Always Display First Alert.

How to use:

  1. Activate the Indicator:

    • Add the Digital Market Insight’s Dream Indicator.

    • Select a security

    • Adjust the Alert Frequency, if desired.

    • Configure the ATR Multiplier for optimal trailing stop orders, if desired.

  2. Set audible alerts, if desired:

    • Select a security and adjust settings if you haven’t yet.

    • Select Alert at the top of the TradingView window or press [Alt] + [A].

    • Select Digital Market Insight’s Dream Indicator across from Condition.

    • Select Alert for Buy across from Condition.

    • Select Once Per Bar Close across from Trigger.

    • Select Notifications at the top of the Create Alert window.

    • Select the Play sound checkbox.

    • Select the Create button at the bottom of the Create Alert window.

    • Repeat the steps substituting Alert for Sell in the 4th step.

  3. Watch displayed information for opportunities:

    • Circle Alerts: Green circles indicate buy signals, red ones signal sell opportunities. Larger circles are audible, providing immediate trading prompts.

    • SMA Gain: This metric reflects the average profit potential per trade, assuming a sideways trend.

  4. Utilize False-Signal Suppression:

    • Select the appropriate false-signal suppression methods based on your trading strategy and risk tolerance.

    • Monitor the SMA Gain and Circle Alerts as you adjust these settings to see their impact.

    • Eliminate misleading signals and gain a clearer picture of the market.

  5. Combine with Other Indicators:

    • Consider displaying the Sentiment MACD and Divergence RSI for further insights.

    • Utilize these additional indicators alongside Dream Indicator's signals for a more comprehensive analysis.

The following describes the displayed information and how to use it. It is in three levels: location/displayed text/description.

Upper Left/Week:/ Displays week gain.

Upper Left/Day:/ Displays day’s gain.

Upper Left/SMA:/ Displays SMA’s gain. The SMA gain is calculated from the average difference between the buy and sell alerts and a simple moving average. This makes it easy to compare differences between securities and setting changes. Basically, the SMA gain is the average profit that can be expected from a single buy sell trade, assuming that the security is trending sideways. Note: With a free TradingView account, the data will be limited, and therefore this value will be less accurate.

Upper Center/Misc. text/ A variety of security information is displayed here, including description, country, type, sector, and industry. The analyst's recommendation is also displayed when selected in the settings section.

Upper Right/ #🕪⚠:/ Displays number of audible alerts. This shows how many audible alerts you’ll get per day on average for the selected security. You will see this number change as you adjust the Alert Frequency setting in the indicator settings section.

Lower Right/ ATR × X.X:/ Displays the Average True Range (ATR) multiplied by a multiplier that is located in the indicator settings section. The upper and lower ATR values are also displayed. The Average True Range is a measure of price volatility and can be used for things like trailing stop orders. Place your stop-loss order a multiple of the ATR below your entry price for long trades and above your entry price for short trades. This will give your trade some room to breathe while still protecting you from significant losses. Adjust the multiple based on market volatility. In more volatile markets, use a larger multiple to account for potentially wider price swings.

The following is a description of important items in the indicator settings section:


Alert Frequency

Alert Frequency will increase or decrease both the displayed alerts and audible alerts. This is one of the more important indicator settings and should be adjusted according to your investing style. If you have a large number of active alerts, you may want to reduce the alert frequency to avoid being overwhelmed. However, if you set this too low, you may miss some trading opportunities.

ATR Multiplier

The ATR multiplier is a multiplier for the Average True Range which is described above. It can help with finding trailing stop order values.

Use Sentiment Coloring

This changes the color of some graphs to a color gradient, indicating the security's sentiment, and may help you identify trend changes.

Sentiment Calc Index

This setting mainly affects the sentiment color scheme and the displayed sentiment graph. Adjust it to match the index in which the security is traded. You can find it at the top left of the TradingView window.

Display Analyst’s Recommendations

This will display the analyst's recommendations and could be handy when unsure whether a security is worth investing in. :-)


These are additional graphs that can be displayed and can be a valuable addition to your investing. Consider displaying the Sentiment MACD and the Divergence RSI which are both variations of the standard MACD and RSI indicators.


These settings will allow suppression of false signals and are an important feature of this indicator. They will manipulate the gain. Watch the displayed SMA Gain and Circle Alerts as you toggle some of these settings. Some Circle Alerts will appear or vanish, and the SMA Gain will change. Remember, the larger circle alerts are the only ones that will be audible. Both small and large circles indicate a buy or sell alert: green for buy and red for sell.

Disclaimer: This is not Investment Advice. Trading involves inherent risks, and all decisions should be made at your own discretion.

Watch our short tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZdC7l4NYD4&t=76s

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Dream Indicator Tutorial

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Digital Market Insight's Dream Indicator

User-Friendly Interface
Boasts a simple and intuitive interface, making it accessible to traders of all experience levels.
Automated Signal Generation
Automatically generates buy and sell signals based on its proprietary algorithms, saving you valuable time.
Audible Alerts
Darker-colored alerts are also audible, ensuring you never miss a critical trading opportunity.
False Alert Suppression
Selectable false alert suppression helps eliminate misleading signals, improving the overall accuracy.
ATR-Based Trailing Stop Orders
Utilizes Average True Range, to set optimal trailing stop orders that dynamically adjust to protect your profits.
SMA Gain Calculation
Provides the SMA gain, representing the average profit that can be expected from a single buy-sell trade.
Optimized Formulas
Hundreds of formulas have been meticulously optimized to ensure accuracy, ease of use, and speed.
Visual Alerts
Colored circles on the chart represent buy and sell signals, providing clear visual cues for immediate trading actions.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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7 months ago
"Wow, Dream Indicator! This thing is a game-changer for me. I'm no technical wizard, but this indicator just clicks. Everything is laid out so clearly, and I actually understand most everything here! It's like having a personal trading coach in my corner. I love how it throws so many different tools into the mix – extra indicators, even sentiment. It feels like I'm seeing the whole picture instead of just tiny pieces. Plus, the alerts are a lifesaver – no more missing those golden opportunities! However, there's just one tiny nitpick. That YouTube video you have, it feels a bit outdated. The interface has changed a bit, and some things weren't quite explained the way they are now. A quick refresh would make this thing even more perfect. Overall, Dream Indicator is a total win for me! Easy to use, packed with features, and it makes me feel way more confident in my trading. Five stars, no doubt!"
User avatar
8 months ago
Very nice indicator
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Conquer TradingView with Dream Indicator! Ditch confusing charts and cryptic signals. Unleash the power of 16 indicators in one streamlined tool. Simplify your setup, supercharge your profits, and dominate the market. Trade sharper, not harder.

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