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Dodgy's Dungeon

(132 reviews)

#1 ICT Trader Streams Everyday

Course link in "MY-COURSE" discord channel, you must have discord
and whop connected

This is the ONLY trading course you will ever need when it comes to ICT and trading in general

You should already have a basic understanding of the ICT mentorship, however, I do go over the basics of ICT in here with a lot less rambling and
short/concise videos + over 200 slides of notes

This course also goes over my inversion fair value gap model which has a 80+% win rate

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Live Trading
Live Trades + Commentary - Live trades provided by Ryan on the trading floor
24/7 Support
I offer support 24/7 (as long as I am not sleeping) if you DM me through twitter/discord twitter @dodgysdd
Private Chat Active 24/7
Private chat that is EXTREMELY active (especially during live streams) + great community
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Customer reviews
4.76 out of 5
(132 reviews)
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24d ago
Absolutely brilliant content. I’ve been part of the discord for around 8 months and it has 100% made me a better trader. Ryan’s live streams are excellent, tape reading the market and calling out setups when they appear whilst also explaining why they are good or bad, and rating them. His trading model is easy to follow once you understand the fundamentals which he provides in his free you tube course. What’s even better I think is the psychology advice he gives and also explaining when not to trade. It’s what has made me become profitable at last (I had been trading for around a year before joining) The community is also really cool and super helpful. After all, we all want the same goal so we help each other out.
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24d ago
I come from other discords of ICT gurus who do not teach or show their mental process, they only give signals and they are bad ones. This was my third and last attempt to enter an ICT guru discord and there is really nothing that compares to this group, DD's mental process is clear, simple, very practical and solid, but the best thing is that his system It forces you to learn and you don't find that in any other group.
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25d ago
Ryan knows his stuff, and is pretty generous with his content. His model is simple, and he gives plenty of examples, live, and after the fact. I like the daily reviews, the occasional back testing sessions, and hearing his thought process over and over in the live sessions. Don't join if you hope to be profitable by copying his trades. Join if you're interested in adopting this model as your own, and you can commit to back testing and forward testing, and would like valuable feedback from a skilled operator.
What's your refund policy?
If you pay, you get a month. No refunds. I am expecting serious inquiries, not trials.
Do you live stream everyday?
Yes, I live stream in my discord every single morning starting at 9am eastern (sometimes 8:30 on news days) until about 10:30 or 12. Some days go longer
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Dodgy's Dungeon
Trading • General

132 reviews

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I trade ICT concepts LIVE everyday and call price in live time very accurately. I am working on making you self-sustainable for the future using ICT concepts, the best concepts in the game! 🚀

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