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Dvorak Lifts

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Mothin Man, Go Get Big.

Receive access to our FREE section. Here you will be able to attend free calls, make connections, and learn what we offer inside our private community.

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Group Calls
You'll have access to Weekly calls based on Fitness, Self-Improvement, Personal Goals, Etc
Guest Speakers
Access to our weekly calls where other big Influencers/Creators speak in the social media space as guest speakers
Fitness Programs
From bulking to cutting, receive guides, tutorials, and information based on your current needs
Recorded Calls
All Weekly and 1-1 Calls are recorded to make sure you don't miss ANY
1-1 Calls
Get 1-1 Calls with Lucas himself about anything fitness and life, Lucas will build a custom roadmap for you
24/7 Support
Receive access to our support team that will help and guide you in the right direction
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(1 reviews)
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2 months ago
I've known Lucas for over two years now. Besides being a phenomenal guy, Lucas is the real deal. If you want a mentor/role model/coach who will help you out, this is your guy.
What is taught here?
We offer everything about fitness and looking your best physically. All the way from special diets, bulking, leaning, and specific gym routine guides. In addition, you get a big private community full of people who are similar to you and chasing their goals.
What is your refund policy?
We offer full refunds within 24 hours of purchasing.
What makes this so special?
This is a never-ending community full of value and weekly calls that are recorded and 1-1 access with Lucas Dvorak himself. With all of this, you get your specific questions answered and specific guides.
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Dvorak Lifts
Fitness β€’ General

1 review

My name is Lucas Dvorak. I created this community to help lifters reach their goals and potential by putting together programs and information that I have found to bring the most progress in an efficient amount of time. This community teamed up with hard work and dedication, will bring growth and results over time. GO GET BIG!

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