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E1W | FX & Crypto

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A Space Where Everyone Wins


  • How to build your portfolio from scratch
  • How to separate your capital into pots (Main fund, DCA fund, Accumulation Fund)
  • How and when to “Dollar Cost Average”
  • Taking profits in a Bull Cycle


  • What is a “shitcoin”
  • The risks involved with “shitcoins”
  • Finding 5x - 20x plays
  • Finding 50x - 100x plays
  • Timing these calls
  • Exit strategy for Degen Plays


  • Finding lucrative calls
  • Knowing when to buy/sell
  • Exit liquidity avoidance
  • Understanding volume
  • Analysing historical data
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Around The Clock Support
Personalised support from well seasoned mentors with multiple years of experience in the markets.
£100 → £10k Challenge
Follow exciting £100 upto £10k challenges with our Top Crypto and FX experts!
Comprehensive Charts
View daily trading charts and options plays to stay one step ahead of the markets.
One-on-One Sessions
Schedule regular, personalised One-on-One sessions with professional traders to ensure your success!
Trading Education
Learn effective risk management techniques and develop profitable trading skills from engaging courses and content.
Trading Bot
Access to calls from our bot, which has been specifically programmed to finding Micro Cap coins with large volume!
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6 months ago
For a 3 day trial, the amount of material provided is impressive. I've already picked up a lot of information that's also available on Youtube, but not in a structured format like this platform. I'll definitely be keeping my subscription. Such an Amazing community!
What is E1W?
E1W is a private trading community with a focus on learning and education.
Is E1W a signal group?
E1W is not a signal service. Our focus will always be on education, understanding, and developing the tools you need to become a profitable trader. None of that is possible if you just blindly copy-trade. By sharing setups and ideas in the server, we are not telling you that this is a trade you must take, or that these are the exact entry, exit, and take profit levels you must use. Rather you should use our setups as trade ideas, which you can then assess using your own TA and using your own charts, and only then make the decision whether or not to take the trade.
What asset class do we trade at E1W?
We trade the Crypto, Forex, Stocks and Indices markets.
What Separates E1W apart from other paid groups?
We offer the same level of mentorship, feedback, and guidance as a small community, but with the trading talent, professionalism, and educational resources of a large community. Our focus will always be on education, understanding, and providing our members with the tools they need to become profitable traders. We do this by offering classes, 1-on-1 mentorship, daily trade ideas and market reviews, live trading sessions, and a wealth of other educational resources and tools so that each and every one of our members can achieve their trading goals.
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E1W | FX & Crypto
Trading • Investing

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Founded on a passion for market trading, our business sets the stage for budding and seasoned traders alike to conquer the finance world. Specialising in cryptocurrency and Forex, we offer personal support from seasoned experts, a series of comprehensive courses and daily analysis to build profitable trading skills. Join us on our mission to make everyone a winner in the trading market.

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